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Cabbie - May 16

Okay, last night I am outside at my Dad's with my two kids, parents, and hubby. I am talking to the kids and step off the sidewalk into the grass. The ankle turns, the knees buckle, and I do a belly flop on the nice lush green grass. As I am going down, I remember thinking, "This can't be happening!" I think I fell on the side of my stomach as I tried to turn my body, but I just don't know. Baby was TICKED off when I finally stood up. He was kicking up a storm. My husband had the nerve to ask what hit first, HAHA! I'm 36 weeks and HUGE! He wanted to know if I hit my hip first! The man is a physical therapist for Goodness sakes. I said, "Are your kidding me? What do you think hit first!" Now I know I can't be the first to do a belly flop during pregnancy but who really does that! Now I am a panicker and I stayed calm for my parents cause the were freaking out, but I lost it when we got home. I thought maybe we needed to go to the ER or something. Hubby said lay down and lets do some kick counts and examine the belly. No marks. Kick counts awesome. Still this morning the kid is kicking good. Shin is sc__ped. Every stretch mark on my belly burns but can tell it is all superficial. Just waiting for a call back from dr. I think God spoke very loudly to me last night and calmed me down. I feel everything is fine. Go to dr on Thurs anyway (this is Tues). Anyway, thought I 'd share my clumsiness and scare and thought I'd see if I was the only one who had every done this. Can't find anything on falls during pregnacy on internet, just how to prevent them. Big Help!


ash2 - May 16

i fell when i was 29 weeks trying to grab my dog by the collar. well knowing my husband , he made me go into the doc right away ..... awesome kicks or not! you would probally still feel comfortable knowing that the baby was okay ! because you could still feel fine but not know what is going on in there. what did the doc say when he called back ??


Nora1 - May 16

Cabbie, I was talking about falling with friend of mine after I recently fell. I fell hard, but landed on my hands and knees, but it still shook me up since it jarred me and the baby so hard. (OK, this has actually happened twice to me in the past couple months!). But anyway, she told me that she fell in a concrete kiddie pool right on her belly when she was pregnant. She went to the dr to ease her mind, but the dr said that it's amazing what the baby in the belly can take because the fluid provides the best protection and padding imaginable. So I bet everything is fine with you too. But I'm sure I would speak with the dr to provide my own peace of mind also. Good luck - I'm sure everything will be fine though! :)


ARD - May 16

Cabbie, don't worry, it happens!! I had a friend who when 8 mths pregnant (and who still continued to exercise regularly) was briskly walking or jogging on her treadmill, missed a beat, slipped and fell right on her belly!!!! It terrified her and she went to the ER I believe. Of course everything was fine. I had another friend that emailed me just yesterday and said she tripped over a chair and did a belly flop! She was also terrified, but again, everything was ok. Its natural to be shaken up by it....I would be - I'm almost 31 weeks. But as you can see it does happen a lot !! :o)


Tye - May 16

This just happened to me two sundays ago at about 38 wks. I did the same exact thing- my ankles turned on one of two steps and my weight shifted just so almost as if in slow motion -I knew I was going down and couldn't stop it. My husband asked the same thing-what hit first? I was like what do you think-my stomach! I felt so stupid and once I sat down was really afriad to walk anymore and was seriously trying to contemplate how to avoid doing it for the rest of the pregnancy with three kids to take care of. Yea right! Anyway I called my doctor and she said as long as the baby was moving and there was no bleeding that everything should be fine and that this happens to a lot of people. So just to let you know you aren't the only clutz in the world-hope it helps!


Cabbie - May 16

Glad to hear the stories. I'm still waiting to hear back from the dr. My husband is fairly well versed in injuries even ones during pregnancy which is why I deferred to him on not going to the ER. He told me the same thing: need to watch for discharge, bleeding, contractions, and non fetal movement. I feel fine just nerves are still frayed!


3babies - May 17

Hi Cabbie, I too am a physio, but specialise in womens health ... and have to agree your hubbys advice is spot on. I do understand though, that there is something rea__suring about hearing it from your doctor isnt there? I havent taken any tumbles so far, but my kids have nearly toppled me a couple of times! I think you never see people move so quickly when a pregnant woman goes down. It actually happened to my SIL on our wedding day (36 weeks) ... she and bubs were fine, but the embarra__sment almost killed her!



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