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Ick - October 11

I have herpes and am 34 weeks my doctor gave me Valtrex to take for the last month but I don't want to take any medication. I haven't taken anything all pregnancy and don't want to start now. I got herpes about 4 years ago from hubby and have only had 2 break outs the first bad one and a mild one after I had an ectopic pregnancy (very stressful) so I guess what I am asking is how important is it for me to take the Valtrex? Its not like I get lots of break outs. Augh help!!!!!!


FB - October 11

Ick- Both my hubby and I get severe fever blisters on our lips, and my doctor has insisted that we both do the same thing. Apparently, the herpes virus can kill an infant, so it is extremely important for you to listen to your doctor. Maybe you could get a second opinion, or ask if there is another medication that you could use...? I got a second opinion, and both doctors agreed that it is completely safe and necessary. I have not taken any other meds durring my pregnancy, either so I know how you feel.


Ick - October 11

Thank you FB I am so worried about taking anything I know my doctor wouldn't prescrib something that could harm my baby but was hoping to get through w/o anything not natural. I guess I must be flexable.


Jennifer - October 12

I am certainly not judging you in any way, but it is very important to take the meds. I don't have personal experience with herpes, but my sister in law has it, and she was told it was safe to deliver her son v____aly because she was'nt broken out at the time, well her son contracted a form of the herpes virus from her even though she had no blisters at the time of birth, He is 4 years old now and has flare ups every so often that causes him to have blisters in his throat. He had to have surgery about a month ago because one of the blisters grew large enough that it was making it difficult for him to breath. She is now 30 weeks pregnant with her second child and her Dr. has scheduled her for a c-section. I'm not trying to terrify you, but it is always better to be informed than not in my opinion. I would schedule an appointment to discuss it with my OB and maybe even more than one Dr and then make an informed decision about what is best for you and your baby.


JJ - October 12

I haven't had an outbreak since the first 12 yrs ago, but was still told to take Valtrex. Better safe than sorry, I'm filling my prescription today.



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