Hey Dia Did You Have Your Baby

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lianne - June 9

hey dia...its lianne lol. i havent heard anything back from you since your appointment last week. have you had the baby? i am only 2-3 cm and 80% effaced (up 5% from last week). my midwife told me that since i am already dialated that it is unlikely that i will go past 41 weeks, so i am going to hold her to that lol...however if i havent delivered by then, i am going to ask them to induce me by the 25th, so that i can make sure that the baby gets his 6 week check up before i take him on a plane with all that recycled air. i really hate that we are moving so soon after he is born, but what can you do when your husband is in the military right? it isnt like we are left with too much of a choice, not to mention that my husband has already extended for a couple of months since we found out i was pregnant and his origional (sp?) transfer date was for this month anyway. oh my gosh...i am rambling on and on...i just wanted to see how you were doing, and i gave you my life story lol...let me know ok, i am thinking of you!!!!!!


Dia_ - June 9

Hey Girl!! I am still pregnant. I think we are twins! I am now 4 cm dialated and 50% effaced. My doc said the same thing...she didn't even want to make an appt for me this week because she didn't think I would be pregnant. I am being very pessimistic and I think I will definitely be pregnant then! My doc wants to induce on the 20th, but I am going to beg her not to make me wait that long. My in-laws are coming into town on July 1st and they are staying with us...I want more than 10 days alone time with my baby! My DH is also military and we are ALSO moving right now!!!!! How insane is that??? DH is air force (you are navy, right?) and we are moving to SC from FL at the end of August. We are putting out house up for sale this upcoming week, but one of DH's friends is interested in it, so I hope he buys it :) I have no feelings of labor - I just have this instinct that I will not go into labor on my own. That really bums me out because I SO wanted to experience it!!! How are you doing??? When is your next appt...if you make it that long? Mine is Wed again...we can keep checking in on this forum until one of us pops :)


lianne - June 10

hey dia. no baby here either lol. i am getting super anxious though, and have the same feelings about having to be induced just like you do, and as if we dont have enough in common as it is, my mom is coming to visit for two weeks on the 30th, and then my mil is coming a few days after my mom leaves...and then a few days (or maybe a week or so) after that we move home...and then we are staying with my mom until we find a house. it is just way too hard to look for a house when you are 5000 miles away lol. i hope that your husbands friend buys your house also...how much easier would that make everything for you two...or should i say 3? yep...we are navy, sometimes it has its moments, but overall it is a pretty good lifestyle, as i am sure that you can relate. but your dh is getting out right? or is he staying in? my appointment is also on wednesday, if i make it, but lol...i dont remember what time it is at. i think it is in the afternoon, so if it is that would make it like 9 something your time (PM)...i think that SC is 6 hours ahead of us. but definatly let me know how your appointment went, and i will let you know about mine, but you might not get it until thurs morning. but i am sure we will check in before that. p.s. have you been getting contractions and thinking to yourself "this is it" only to have them go away? and how about back pain? mine has been killing me. talk to you soon! i am glad that despite not wanting to be pregnant anymore that you are doing well lol!


Dia_ - June 11

Hi Lianne! I do keep getting contractions...at least I think they are contractions...but they never last for more than an hour and are very irregular. I have also been having problems having bowel movements, so I am not sure if the cramps are from that. I figured when they got bad enough and often enough I would just "know" like everyone says. I cannot believe we are due in less than 2 days! It is almost the 12th here...so I guess I could say one day! DH is getting out of the military - he has been in 9 years and this was a very difficult decision for us to make. We are stuck in FL (his commander REFUSES to approve any type of move) and this is the only base he has every been to and likely will ever be at. Also, because of the wars, his squadron is active and they deploy constantly....up to 6 months a year. We can never plan anything and it is very hard on our marriage because he is gone so much and there is no end in sight for the deployments. In fact, although we have been together 5 years we have not ever spend one full year together. He is always, ALWAYS gone at least 3-4 months every year. We decided that is not conducive to what we want our family to be and he is really tired of the BS in his shop....soooo...we are getting out!! Where are you moving to? I am a__suming you are in CA now?? I am finding it sooo hard to put on underwear and any type of bending over shoves the baby into my stomach and makes me want to throw up....no fun!!! I can't remember if I had already asked you...but this is your first baby, right? How old are you? Do you plan to BF? Are you going to do the stay-at-home mom type thing? This is my first baby, I am 23 - I want to BF but the medication I am on is not good for BFing - and I am going to do the stay-at-home thing for at least the first year. I am in graduate school finishing my MA...and I also teach online at a university, but I have taken the next year off. I plan to go back to all that, but all my work for school and teaching can be done at home. Boy am I lucky :) Hope all is well with you!!!!


Dia_ - June 12

Hi lianne! My doctor just got back from vacation and called me...she moved my appt up to tomorrow (Tuesday) at 1130 am. Woohoo! She said she will give me a due date (by induction) tomorrow for sure, but hopefully I will have him naturally before then. I asked her if she was going to make me wait until at least 41 weeks and she said no...she has no desire for us to wait any longer! However, the base maternity ward is under construction so we are sharing a mat ward with the local hospital and there are very limited beds...so the chance of me getting in anytime in the next week is slim. I will be soooo disappointed! But, now that the time has come I am a little nervous - like maybe I should just keep him in another couple of months! I am afraid of labor - yikes! I will let you know what happens tomorrow - - hope you are off having your baby right now!! Can't wait to hear from you!


lianne - June 12

hi dia! nope, not off having the baby yet...but i have called my husband home from work to get me out of the house and moving around to see if the pains that i have been feeling are real labor pains, or just another pregnancy 'trick' lol. what great news about your doctor! it sounds to me like you could be the pround parent of a new baby anyday now! (do you know if you are having a boy or girl...you might have told me, but i forget things so easlily these days lol) i know what you mean about feeling like you are going to throw up, i cant stand it anymore, even in the middle of the night i find i am in so much pain just rolling over from my left to right side when the baby applies pressure to my stomach, and even with being on heartburn meds, when that happens i then have to get up to take a tums (because it flares up when i turn over lol), and then i have to go to the bathroom etc...lol...all the joys of pregnancy right! so lets see...i have a few questions to answer. we are moving to chicago (which is where we are from origionally), and we are in hawaii right now actually, and i will miss the weather, but i will be glad to be back home with all of my family with having the new baby. this is our first baby, and i am 25 (26 in august) and my husband is 27. i dont think i am going to BF, but i am not 100% sure. i think that i will just have to wait and see how i feel when the baby is born, but i am going to be a stay at home mom. it just isnt beneficial for me to go to work because then i would only be paying for daycare, so we wouldnt be making any extra income, so staying home is best for us i think. but what you do sounds like fun! i do sell pampered chef, but it is few and far between that i do a show, but i am hoping that when we move home business will pick up some. anyways, i hope you are doing well, i look forward to hearing from you soon.


Dia_ - June 13

Oh - today was SO disappointing!!! Wait until you hear what happened to me...this will be kind of long. I went to the doctor - she checked me and there is no change from last week. She called OB to schedule my induction and they said they have an opening for 6 am in the morning. I was so excited - I called DH and told him - he called off work and cancelled appointments for tomorrow. I spent most of the morning in the doctor's office thinking they were going to break my water in the morning. Well, my doctor came down from OB and said that they refused to approve the induction because they want me to get closer to 41 weeks. The thing is is that because of the construction they have almost no openings next week! So, I can't have the baby tomorrow, the next opening is for this Friday, but my doc said she doubts OB will approve that because I will only be 40.3 weeks. Their next opening isn't until the 26th! Two more weeks!!!! I cannot imagine that. I was so incredibly disappointed. The bad news is is that if I have to wait until 42 weeks (which I have NO desire to do!) the baby will be nearly 10 lbs. He already weighs over 8lbs now. However, I go to Family Practice for my pregnancy (by choice) and they have to get approval from OB and there is nothing we can do about it. HOWEVER....my blood pressure was about 139/105 today which is really high and not normal for me. I had another NST...which funnily enough my blood pressure was fine for (120/77). Then I had to go and get blood drawn to test for pre-eclampsia and I am peeing in a jug for the next 24 hrs. I have to take the jug to the hospital tomorrow and if it tests positive for protein they are going to induce tomorrow because it will mean I have pre-eclampsia. BUT, because my blood pressure was fine on my NST I really don't think I have pre-eclampsia, but I still have to get tested for it. I hope that made sense! So basically, if they find protein I will go in tomorrow for induction. If no protein, then my doc will call OB and see if they can get me in this Friday and if they will approve it, but she doesn't think they will. SO - the next alternative is to make me wait until the very last minute on the 26th. I sure hope your appointment goes better than mine!! I was so upset and have resigned myself to being pregnant for 2 more weeks! My doc tested my sac of water and she said it was very tough and not likely to break on its own and I have not been having any contractions. She thinks it is unlikely that I will be going into labor on my own. This is exactly what I was afraid would happen. I will know more officially tomorrow so I am just trying to get through tonight without getting too depressed. Let me know how things go for you!!! Good luck!!!!!!


lianne - June 15

hey dia! i am so sorry that i havent gotten to you until now. i am sorry to hear about your appointment. and even more so, i am sorry to say that while you were going through all of that...i had the baby! it was a whirl wind and it happened so fast it was incrediable! i was in active labor for about 2 hours only, and i did it with no drugs, however there was no time for them anyways lol. we are home now and feeling well...actually, i am just ok, but i feel good enough! i will write again soon, but wanted to say hello. keep me posted on your progress and how you are doing. p.s. i took castor oil, and i think that it worked since my body and baby were ready. and he is healthy and did not pa__s maconium (sp) which people speak of quite a bit. k...enough of my babbling, i will talk to you soon!


lianne - June 16



Dia_ - June 17

Congrats girl!!! I also had my baby!! I ended up being induced on the 14th because I was about 3 points away from having pre-eclampsia - my little guy is awesome too :) So cool! I started with an epidural but only spent 4 hours with it. The last 5 hours were without it...I will tell you all about it in a couple of days...I just got home from the hospital - can't wait to hear your birth story!!!!



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