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margie - November 2

Just wanted to check in...I know that it has been a long time. Well, to be honest with you I should have said something instead of just disapearing since there are for sure some of you on here that I would talk to on here on a regular basis. But the reason is because I have anxiety disorder and there were a couple of posts from girls on here that I had been going through this journey with from the beginning and they had lost their babies for different reasons. I kind of freaked out for a while and realized that I couldn't handle it...I have so many worries, I constantly have this worried feeling and I didn't want to read anything else that would make me feel more scared, I hope that I can relax soon and enjoy this pregnancy. My baby girl so far has been doing wonderfully and I have had a complication free pregnancy since the second trimester. I'm going to be 33 weeks on Sunday--YaY!!! OK, well thats all...just wanted to come back and say hi and hope that everyone is doing really great with their pregnancies and their little ones...I have continued to pray for all of you! :-)


mrssolo - November 2

margie it's great to hear from you and to hear that you are doing great. I was worried about you but in the 2nd tri board they had left a message saying you checked in on another sight and you were doing good. Feel free to join the dec. moms. I'm really glad to hear you and your princess are doing good.


staci - November 2

Hi margie! Great to hear you and you lo are doing well! You did the right thing by distancing yourself if it was making you have anxiety problems. You don't have much longer can you believe it!? Welcome back!


HeavenisMine - November 2

Where have you been? I was looking for you over in the second trimester back in september! It's so good to see you back here. Trust me, I flipped over seeing the many losses too, but my little girl is still in there. Welcome to the third trimester, you have come such a long way:) I am 38 weeks on Monday. My doctor said I am 1 centimeter dilated today and my cervix has thinned out, Phoenix's head is right on top of it practically. I am so excited! Look how far we've all come :)


AmberNicole - November 2

Great to hear from you over here, Margie. I'm on the other site with you, too, so I checked on you when Fall told me you were there.:) Glad everything is going great for you! I'm exactly a week behind you, but I've already been to the hospital two weeks ago to stop contractions. I'm trying to hold her in for another 4 weeks:)


lil-miss-saunders - November 3

Welcome back Margie, i agree with Staci about you doing the right thing. Im 38 weeks and 1 day and getting really nervous now. Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes as well as it has been. Good luck :)


Greeklady28 - November 3

Glad to see you. I also suffer from anxiety, and reading all the sad posts about these ladies who have suffered tragic losses have actually helped. I figure if these women have the strength to deal with loss, then so can I. So far this pregnancy has been uneventful with the exception of me failing my glucose screen. Glad to see you back. Good luck, you're almost there.


Erins Mom - November 4

I just noticed this post or I would have responded sooner! It's good to hear from you and hear that you and your little girl are doing so well! That's great! Like mrssolo said, feel free to stop by our december thread and chat it up every once in a while! Keep us posted!


Buffi R. - November 4

Hey Margie, welcome back! I'm just a couple days behind you....I'll be 33 weeks on Wednesday, so I'm on the December thread too. Come join us! :-)


Anathi - November 5

Hi margie its geat to hear from u, I'm hear now on the 3 trimester board thanks to ur advices we are stillfine me my g/b I still dont know what I'm carrying. What matters is we are fine and good to hear you are also well today we're 28w,1day Enjoy urself


margie - November 5

its so nice to see everyone still so active on here :-) heavenismine--you are soooo close!!! you are going to be holding your little girl so soon. I am grateful for everyone on here for being such great support when times were scary for me....I want to be back to help support others too now that we're so close to the BIG DAY!!! I will be checking in on the December thread with you ladies


Ella82 - November 5

Margie good to hear from you and so glad that everything is going well!! I am 35wks 3days so only 4 1/2 weeks till my girl is due i had a scan yesterday and all is fine - I am finally getting excited : )


margie - November 5

oh ella that is such wonderful news! i was wondering about how you were doing...that is so exciting. we all have come such a long way, its amazing to think of the first trimester isn't it? it seems like ages ago, this has been an amazing and rewarding journey so far through all the fears, pains, worries and everything...being pregnant and being able to hold this baby in my arms soon is the best gift God has given me! :-D



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