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Brandie - October 13

Hi everyone I'm new to the third trimester. I'm so excited to be here. I can't believe its just keeps getting closer, and my belly keeps getting bigger. So how are all you mommy's feeling. I feel great.


Jessica - October 13

Hi Brandie, I will officially be in my third trimester on Sunday so I guess for now I am just a second trimester mom lurking in the third trimester forum :) I am 27 1/2 weeks with a little boy and feel pretty good except the incredible amount of heartburn this kid gives me. Who would think an apple would give you heartburn? I have an adopted son who is 7 months old so I will have two boys ten months apart if all goes well. I am looking forward to the challenge!


Brandie - October 13

THANKS! Well I just started my third trimester. I due New Years Day. How exciting is that! I'm the some as you I feel Great except for the heartburn, I had heartburn with my first and I would just drink milk, now milk gives me heartburn.


Swtpea - October 13

Hi Brandie and Jessica: I am fairly new here too as I am in my 28th week. I am due "supposedly" sometime around the first week of Jan. *laughs* I've had a due date Drama situation. This is my first, I am having a boy, and I've decided to name him Nicholas Mark. For me its been a long road... lots going on around me, not to mention whats going on inside of me. =o) But I am happy to be in my third trimester, I am excited FINALLY, and ready to do this. My Heartburn has been OUTRAGEOUS. I didnt have any at all until prolly 25 weeks, but it hit hard. I've tried so many different things, ... and this is what I have resorted to. At night I take Zantac (my doctor approved) with a gla__s of milk and I sleep fine with no HB, I take one before going to work, and if needed, one more during the afternoon. Usually I just need the two. I try not to use it to often, even if the doctor says "OK". Also during the day, if i'm at work or out and about I carry a small bottle of Pepto and a lil thing of Rolaid Chewwies, I have had to use both, but since i've been doing the twice a day with Zantac I dont use 'em as much. Anyways, BABBLE mouth here, .... =o). I hope everything continues well for all of us here, and I'll pop in again soon! Take care ~


Brandie - October 13

Well I have just been taking peppermint flavored tums my doctor approved because they are also a calcium supp. but I have a limit of three a day. I'm scared of taking to many so I usually make myself suffer thru the heartburn. But when it gets really bad I take them.


Tara - October 13

Congrats on making it to your 3'rd trimester..the most wonderful of them all and the longest..I'm almost 37 weeks and a little nervous..Good Luck to all of you..Hope you have wonderful and joyous third trimesters..Also your heartburn will get worse at night in the third trimester try a cold gla__s of milk..it works wonders..:-)


sara - October 13

hi everyone, im 38weeks and so excited to meet our daughter. tara how do you feel?



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