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Marcy - March 13

Today as I was sitting reading the message board I felt a strange heartbeat like pulsating feeling high up. I don't think it was her heartbeat, due to the fact that I could feel it from the outside and it was too slow. Could this have been hiccups? I am 31 weeks and she is head down already,so I didn't know why I felt it so high. I have not felt hiccups to this point. Anyone have any insight? Thanks...


Drew - March 13

Sounds like hiccups to me!! I've heard some women say that they feel hiccups where the baby's head is, but as of now my baby is breech and I feel them in different area's, including down low. For me my little gals hiccups are usually one per second or so, and very rythmic. It's because baby's practicing their breathing motions for the outside, and means we are just that much closer to meeting our little ones!! :)


Katie - March 13

I'd say hiccups!!Im 37 wks and I can tell you the further along you get the more you feel them, for me I do. I feel them high and low at the same time. Up high I think is her b___t and the more weight she gains for me it seems like the more I see and feel them. If you look at my stomach when it's happening it's pretty cool, my whole stomach moves. Lately she has had them for 5-10 min. at a time about every other day. No worries though, enjoy it! I felt really bad for her the other night so I sat in the rocking chair after about 10 min hoping that rocking would help, after about 2-3 min. she stopped. And for me at this point I don't feel her kicks nearly as much as I did so I look forward to her hiccups, lets me know she is growing and doing what she is suppose to do in our tummys!


Maria - March 13

I believe that at 31wks the baby and turn around alot so that might one of the reasons why you felt the hiccups so high. But then again that is also based on how big you baby is already and how much your belly as also grown. My baby gets the hiccups ALL the time. I love the feeling.


Lori - March 14

My baby gets the hiccups all the time sometimes twice a day. Sometimes I feel sorry for him/her, especially when they last a long time. It does feel like a strange heartbeat but it's fast. They are not even a full second apart. I used to feel them up high by my rib cage now I feel them down low. I guess the baby has moved. I'm 30 weeks.


julieB - March 14

I think the baby having the hiccups is a glorious feeling.. It comforts me.. Maybe the only feeling I will miss when my little boy will be born this thursday the 16.... He gets the hiccups at least 2-3 times a day for about 3-4 minutes.. I love to see my tummy jump up and down.. I makes me feel warm to know my little boy it learning how to breathe.. good luck ladies..


^lucy^ - March 15

im 30 weeks today and my baby girl always have hiccups sometimes more than once a day.. its so cute and i feel it low cz she's head down now.. i love the feeling its so sweet but when it lasts for couple of minutes i start feeling sorry for her cz i start thinking maybe she's tired now from hicupping and might be crying!! by the way, do babies cry inside our bodies?!! stupid question maybe, but how come they cry a lot outside and dont cry inside?


Nora1 - March 16

Lucy - I actually read that babies can go through the motions of crying, but no sound can get out since they are in fluid. But they can actually be upset, trying to cry, as they would once they are born. Makes you feel sorry for them, doesn't it??? :)


to Marcy - March 16

Fetal hiccups to me feel like a rhythmic pattern of light thumps in one place. And sometimes, there's that AND other movement going on. That was the way I was first able to tell they were indeed hiccups.



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