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madison - March 14

my baby seems to get the hiccups at least once or twice a day lately, anyone else experiencing this? is this okay?


Tracy88 - March 14

Yep. It is actually quite healthy for them. I read somewhere that it helps them develop their lungs and it's nothing like when we get the hiccups.


madison - March 14

really? it just feels so wierd and i know i hate when i have the hiccups so i hope it doesnt bother her in there!


jessica72 - March 15

Madison, I thought the same thing! My baby is starting to get them at least every other day and sometimes they last for around 15 minutes. Glad to hear it's actually beneficial. I just read a story about a poor 15 year old girl that had hiccups for 7 weeks straight! Argh...I would have checked myself in at that point. But to the baby's it's all part of the deal. Enjoy the belly entertainment :)


Jadejewels - March 15

My baby had hiccups for the first time today! I'm 36 weeks and was surprised it took so long..


Kristin11 - March 15

Yep my son gets hiccups quite frequently. He is head down too so it feels a bit like my b___t has the hiccups lol. Dont worry the hiccups do not bother them. With my dd she actually had hiccups while i was in labor, tell you what that was a wierd feeling.


d - March 15

I was freaking out with my little bean getting the hiccups all the time. I asked the dr, he said "always remember, any fetal movements are good movements". Sometimes they seem to last a good while and once I start feeling them start up, I am like here we go again, because it does feel sooo weird.


Tracy88 - March 15

My baby is pretty much head down too, so like Kristin, it feels like my VJJ or b___t is pulsating to a beat!


Kristin11 - March 15

lol feels weird doesnt tracy? I tell you though feeling hiccups while my daughter was in the birth ca___l was even wierder lol.


misschrissie - March 15

I'm not sure if what I'm feeling are hiccups?? They feel like them but they're so fast, like one every 3 seconds. Is that what I'm feeling?


laurenl - March 15

Yes misschrissie, that's them. I was thinking the same thing about mine, because they are very fast, but I'm pretty sure that's what it is. My baby gets them about once a day now and sometimes, it's when I wake up in the middle of the night, she gets them. So I can't go back to sleep until she stops.


Kristin11 - March 15

Yes that is the hiccups, Babies breath faster then we do, so thier hiccups are quicker too.


wailing - March 15

I just figured out what the hiccups were also. It was the oddest thing to feel something so fast inside me. Baby isn't head down yet, so I feel them in my upper left side. So adorable:)


lolita - March 15

Oh my goodness my baby had them all the time and now that she is born she still gets them a lot!


StarsMoon - March 16

Yep.. I get them too.... Or I should say the baby.... And it is soooo strange cause it feels like my bum has a heartbeat. Very strange feeling.. I never noticed it with my first one.. With the first one, I could feel when he went potty. He would shiver and that was strange as well... I learned that one after he was born, cause when he peed, he would shiver. And he still does it.. Brings back so many awesome memories.... The miricles of child bearing... :)



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