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Karen - May 2

I feel my baby when he/she has hiccups. They are usually very low in the pelvic area. I sometimes feel them 2-3 times a day, is that normal? I just read someones answer that an increase in hiccups can mean a distress in oxygen. Is that true? I don't want to start to worry about this now. I am a first time mom and am worry about lot's of thing. Any advice would help. Thanks


Kymmi - May 2

Karen, I don't think at 2-3 times a day there is any cause for concern. There are days where I feel it a few times throughout the day and then there are days I don't feel it at all. How many times a baby actually has hiccups I don't think we can really be sure b/c we are not ALWAYS going to feel it when they do. Unless your doctor gives you any cause for concern, I wouldn't stress over it~


Sisco Kid - May 2

My baby has hiccups about once a day and I feel it really low in the pelvic area. I'm usually glad because although I feel lots of what I think is leg / foot movement higher up (just under my ribs) , I worry that things are getting too cramped in there. I'm 39 weeks.


to Karen - May 3

I'm dealing with the same thing, don't sweat it.


Maddie - May 3

I was so worried when I started to feel the "thumps" that I later learned were hiccups. My doc told me what they were and she said that it was good for the baby to have them, because it means his lungs are developing. So, don't worry, but they ARE very annoying.


mandy~ - May 3

im 27wks pregnant and i felt my baby have hiccups for the first time last night, i thought at first it was like kicking but it was in rythem and when i started counting it happened 36 times!:) it was also in my lower pelvic area.


Toya - May 4

I think the hiccups are cute. :)


fabienne - May 4

Our little boy also has the hiccups two to three times a day - I don't worry. I also feel them in the pelvic area.


mandy~ - May 4

the other day was the first time i ever felt them, and havent felt them since. is that normal coz im reading that alot have them more than once a day!~ im 27wks also


Jbear - May 5

I've read two different things. First, I read that the hiccups were a sign that the baby was starting to practice breathing. Second, I read that what most women feel and think are hiccups is really just the mother's pulse at a point where she wouldn't feel it if she weren't pregnant. The doctor who wrote this suggested feeling your pulse somewhere and seeing if the rhythm matched the hiccups. I felt my daughter hiccuping all the time, but I haven't felt this baby hiccup yet.


Beth - May 5

What does it feel like when the baby has hiccups? I am 24 weeks and feel the baby regularly, but would like to know what I am looking for for hiccups.


Lyssa - May 5

Beth--they feel like twitches and they happen at regular intervals. Sometimes they would happen when I'd take a bath and the water rippled, even though they were not strong enough to show through my belly. I got them 2-3 times a day also, totally normal.


Tasha - May 12

When do you normally start feeling the baby hiccup? I am 24 weeks and feel him alot, but no hiccups yet.


Karen - May 12

It means that your baby's lungs are developing and it's a good thing :)


nelly - May 13

my baby just started getting them about a week ago and i am so excited because thats usually the only way anyone else is able to feel her move i am going on 30 weeks and she has them at least 2 times a day and sometimes 3 times. i read that they get the hiccups when they swallow some of the fluid with my first pregnancy my daughter had them alot as well.


Thank God - May 15

I had nop idea what was happening. i described it to my husband has puls in my but. So funny. Ifeel much better, I thought I was going crazy1 Ha.


Sharon - May 18

You don't need to worry about hiccups, my baby has hiccups all the time and its apparantely very normal and doesn't bother the baby as uch as hiccups other us when we have them.



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