Hiccups And Position Of The Baby

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Mary - January 8

Hi. When my baby gets the hiccups I can only feel them in one spot of my belly. Lately it hasn't been in the same spot. Is that where her head is? I'm almost 28 weeks so she's probably still doing somersaults and I never know what position she's in. Thanks for the help!


Heather - January 8

I feel my baby's hiccups down low and slightly to the left. They have been here for about 2 weeks and she has been head down this time. They checked her 3 weeks ago manually & 2 weeks ago with an ultra sound (she had already dropped, so finding her head was hard!!!) Last week dr said she still seemed head down (plus Ihadn't felt any flip like movements) & hiccups are still in the same place. Its weird. I don't know if that helps you at all. I also notice that she seems to get the hicuups almost every time I lay on my right side - strange!


Heather - January 8

by the way, I'm 37 weeks now, her position was confirmed at 34, 35 & 36 weeks.


bump - January 9



anon - January 9

Are hiccups like bubbles or little flutters?


claire - January 10

Funny, I am 36 weeks, my baby's hiccups are down low and slightly to the left, hope this means she is head down!


Natalie - January 10

It's not her head you can feel when she hiccups, it's her back, so she probably is still changing positions. My baby is in the spine to spine position (not good) and she won't move, so I feel the hiccups shake in my back! lol


Shawna - January 10

I must have felt the baby's head during the hiccups (she just started this a few days ago). If that was her back, then she is smooshed down right against my cervix, back downward, which I don't think is possible.... especially since I hear her heartbeat just below and to the right of my navel, and feel most movements and all hiccups down low. These occur at the same time, too... low hiccups and heartbeat still up by my navel. I'm 29 weeks. She has only had hiccups three times that I noticed, and I can hear them with a stethoscope or cheap heartbeat amplifier. It is pretty awesome!



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