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yungmama - April 24

Hi, I am 37 weeks and at my last appointment they said my blood pressure was high. They waited to see if it went down any and it did slightly so they did not monitor me. I am now getting really hot, nauseaus, light headed and my blood pressure is even higher. The doc is supposed to get back to me. But I was just curious if anyone else has been going through this and what do they do for it.


Marcy - April 24

Yungmama- I am almost 37 weeks and I have had Elevated blood pressure for about 2 months. I went last week to have an ultrasound done to make sure all is well- Looks Good! My doctor is monitoring me everyweek now. In the beginning my BP went down after awhile, now hardly at all. All the doctor says is week by week. Just think- only 3-4 more weeks.


Karen S - April 24

My blood pressure has been all over it seems like my entire pregnancy. Last Friday at 38 weeks my bp was kind of high again so my doctor has decided to induce me the 3rd of may because she doesn't want to take any chances. I hope my son decides to come before then, cause I really dont want to be induced but what can you do.


Tess - April 24

Last time I went to my appt I was 36 wks and my bp was high too. I think its 132 over 80 theyre not worried bcoz my bp went up b4 and I was fine....Im sure youll be fine....Its just that our d-day is coming soooo fast. Goodluck to you.


3babies - April 24

Hi yungmama, it really depends on how high it is and if it lowers with rest and medication. It's good you have told your doctor about your other symptoms. Usually they will check your urine, sometimes give you a blood test and often give you a CTG which is like monitoring your baby, and it's response during movement etc, to ensure they are not stressed and the placenta is functioning okay. As long as your doctor is monitoring you closely I'm sure you will be fine. 37 weeks is great if they have to deliver anyway. In my case it was at 35 weeks, and even though my baby was small, he did great!


hrsmith - April 25

Hi. I was diagnosed with preeclampsia at 32 weeks. Unfortunately it continued to worsen no matter what i did. My doctor had me on bed rest for 4 weeks. I could not hold out any longer so my baby was born at 36 weeks. However, he was almost 7 lbs. Can you believe that! I would advise to stay in bed and just rest as much as you can.


Kiddolebel - April 25

Mine has been in the upper 130s and upper 140s...i get monitored two times a week up at labor and delivery. All they do is a non stress test to monitor babys heart rate. Nothing to worry about. If it gets too high they might induce. You never know. If baby looks good during the monitoring then they wont do anything at all. Just keep monitoring your fetal kicks. GL


amb - April 25

hey all, i had my baby but thought id b___t in if you dont mind :-) i got pre eclampsia in my 34th week it wasnt that bad but my urine had +4 protein so off i went to be induced and put on magensium sulfate. i still have high blood press ure now and my dd is 9 weeks old. im hoping it will go down soon. get plenty of rest if possible and cut out sodium if possible. drink lots of water to keep the fluid down. i unfortunately got pulminary ademia from all the fluid. good luck and congrats



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