High Blood Pressure Leaking Protein

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Jamie - July 13

I am 39 weeks and 3 days. I have been swelling alot in my feet and calves and last week my blood pressure shot up to 150 over 102. My pulse keeps racing out of my chest and I have been sent to the hospital twice (once saturday and once today) due to my high blood pressure. Now they have found protein in my urine. They sent me home both times. Has anyone experienced any of this? Shouldn't they take the baby, and right now I am having chest pains ... any info for me??


Jbear - July 14

I had my daughter at 36 weeks because of my blood pressure. It was 160/110 when I was on medication. They had sent me to the hospital twice before they decided it was really time. Hopefully they gave you a list of things to watch for--headaches, seeing spots, upper right abdominal pain, facial swelling. If you experience any of those, go to the ER. It seems strange that they didn't just induce your labor, because you're so close to your due date. Have you asked the doctor why they haven't? Also, did they give you anything in the hospital? When they sent me for my blood pressure they gave me magnesium sulfate in the iv, to prevent seizures from the blood pressure.


k - July 14

I would think they would take the baby soon. are you having a c section? sounds like you have precursor to pre eclampsia. did they mention that? is your vision blurry?


Lynn - July 14

I would call your doc and ask about taking the baby. Definitely sounds like preeclampsia starting and with you so far along, there really isn't a need to wait & see if it progresses any.


anne - July 14

i'm not a doctor but there is something i learned that may help your situation - eat 100 grams of protein a day and in just a cpl of days you will stop having protein in your urine and your bp will drop. i will add also that its VERY normal for bp to hike up to prepare for delivery, and that your feet and ankle swelling is very common at the tailend of pregnancy. try not to stress and just keep an eye on it. if you want, get protein urine strips from the store and check yourself to see if there is progress. keep me posted - thinking of you. good luck


Crystal - July 16

Jbear- Did you have any other complications along with high BP? My BP recently shot up to 160/98 on two different occasions (It usually is 120/70) and my dr. says we may need to induce if we can't get my BP down. I am currently 35 weeks and my next appointment is on Monday and I am on bed rest for 90% of the day. I am not showing any signs of pre-eclampsia, but I am scared the my raised blood pressure is just the first sign.


Jbear - July 16

Crystal, my bp was high throughout my first pregnancy. I was on medication and they kept increasing the dosage. I had a lot of swelling, which I didn't even realize until I left the hospital after my daughter was born and I was 33 pounds lighter than I had been five days before. I didn't have any of the other symptoms. With my current pregnancy, my bp was good until 22 weeks, and then I started on aldomet. They've increased the dosage once, and my doctor told me that I would be having this baby in august (due sept 5). I had headaches where I was seeing spots at the beginning of my pregnancy, but my bp was normal then.



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