High Bloodpressure

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LisaJF - March 10

My bloodpressure has been perfect throughout my whole pregnancy , until about two weeks ago when there was a significant rise. Now I have to take my pressure everyday and record the result so my dr can observe the situation. He said if it goes much higher I will have to go on bed rest. I have been trying to get as much rest as possible but it is not having much affect. I am still working at 34 weeks. Anyone else in the same boat?


Ciarasmom - March 10

My blood pressure started to rise at 34 weeks and when I went for my app. at 38 weeks by bp was 140/118. I got sent for a non stress test and was seen by a OB at the hospital. I was amitted that day for induction and had my beautiful daughter 2 days later. When my bp started to rise I put my feet up as much a possible and cut down to working 3 days a week. It didn't really help but I loved gettin off my feet and my dh doing more of the house work. Also the midwife said to not eat bananas and to get light exercise. I also think your supposed to cut out salt.


misschrissie - March 10

I am in the same boat. I'm only 30 weeks and my bp has been pretty much perfect all along 120/72. Last Friday I was at the dr and he said it was high. The first number was 160, don't remember the second. That's REALLY high. It scared me. I go back on Wednesday to see if it's still high then I guess we will discuss my options. He made it sound like the baby would have to come early. I don't think bedrest would benefit me though. My high bp is not caused by stress, I have none but it would be nice if my dr said I could stop work early. I've been monitoring it all week to see if it's coming down and it is. Yesterday it was only 133/76. I hope it continues that way and it's good by the time I go back. The only thing I've changed in the last week is my eating habits, no more burgers & greasy fries for me. And I've been a little more active in the midst of my nesting stage. LOL.


mosley12 - March 11

i had high bp at 32 weeks. up until than it had been perfect. i was put on strict bedrest, and was seen by the dr. 3 days a week, with 2 non stress test a week, and one every saturday, for which i went to the hospital for. i developed preeclampsia and was induced at 36w6d. i was sceduled to be induced a few days later, because he wanted me to be as close to 38 weeks as possible, but when i went in for an exam, it was 211/110, so i was sent to the hospital immidiately. my ds was healthy 7.9 lbs and 20 1/2 inches long. if they know you will have to deliver early, they may give you steroid shots to help your babys lungs. i was given 2 at 33 weeks and ds never required any oxygen or help breathing. he had a bit of pneumonia and the nurse said he was the first baby she had ever seen who was early and had pneumonia and breathed perfectly well on his own..good luck!


LisaJF - March 15

Thanks for your advice, i went to my dr today and it went down to 124 yea!!!!



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