High Glucose

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bec - September 7

anyone with gestational diabetes??


beth - September 7

Yes Bec, I have gestational diabetes. How far along are you? I am 38 weeks.


tracy - September 7

i haven't been diagnosed with it yet but i 'failed' my first test, and did my fasting 2-hour test yesterday.. and since i practically pa__sed out halfway through the test that can't be a good sign i figure! - did either of you feel terrible during that test? is that a good indicator (i won't get the results back for a week or so). also, how are you feeling now?


chel - September 7

I am 33 weeks and have it. I have had to meet with a dietician to discuss my diet. My doctor wanted me on a 2200 calorie per day diet. However, I don't eat very much and the dietician says theres no way I can get that many calories in a days time. She and I went over what I usually eat in a days time, and I am well under what I am allowed as far as carbs and sugar grams go. She told me to just keep doing what I'm doing and to just watch the sugar and carb intake. If I want to splurge and have a big piece of cake to do it, just cut out as many carbs the rest of the day as I can. I had an ultrasound last week and baby weighs about 4lbs 10oz. I have only gained 6 lbs. My doctor wants me to just check my blood sugar 1 day a week. Once while fasting, then 2 hrs after eating breakfast. My levels have been good, under 100. The only time it's gone high is when I had pancakes with losts of syrup, 3 big gla__ses of milk, and a snack cake for breakfast. it went up to 175. My doctor says to keep it under 140 and all will be well.


beth - September 7

Tracy, during both of my tests I didn't feel well at all but that is normal. I just felt sick to my stomach and got really tired. A lot of people fail the first but pa__s the second so you may get lucky and not get it. My baby is measuring really big right now due to the diabetes.



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