High Or Low How Do You Know

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xoxticiaxox - February 15

How do you know if you are carrying high or low? I have a feeling I am carrying high because in another forum I read that you could reach in and feel your own cervix, and see if you are dialted any...and I couldnt reach? But how do you know for sure?


HEATHER - February 15

I remember trying to feel lasttime and didnt have a clue what I was feeling for. lol!!!


xoxticiaxox - February 15

I didnt either, but I figured where it ended, is where the cervix is...I was told its hard and squishy at the same time...whatever that is supposed to mean!


dot - February 16

I was simply told - you can see in your stomach if the bulge is above your navel its high if below - low a sure way to know is a high baby does not "drop" like a low baby (sometime to the end of pregnancy babies drop into the pelvis 'engage') with a low baby your tummy will kind of dissapear at the top by your ribs (enought to put four fingers between your ribs and stomach but with a high one this "dropping" has no efect with the space


gina143 - February 16

Wont your doctor tell you when you go in for your visit? They measure your belly and feel around.. well mine does atleast... My son is head down. and you can tell if your babys low... you have more pressure... discomfort!


xoxticiaxox - February 16

Well I have to ask my doctor EVERYTHING...like she doesnt tell me anything without me asking...if I didnt ask questions she wouldnt even say one word the whole time...so I forget soemtimes...I know my baby is head down because I asked her that, plus I keep getting booted in the ribs lol! Yeah she measures and feels around...but doesnt comment on ANYTHING AT ALL!!! Thats why I ask here...


babyonboard16 - February 18

I feel more pressure in the bladder department does that mean my baby has dropped? i feel kicks by my ribs and nudges down in my lower stomach too.


DownbutnotOUT - February 18

both my boys where low and at times I felt so much pressure down below and that the bay was going to fall out, my daughter on the other hand was very high. Sometimes your tummy also changes shape if your baby was high and dropped or was low and than engaged (i forget the proper terminology) into the pelvis. Im not sure about the cervix but I do know withall 3 of my pregnancies the dr always had to be a little forceful to feel my cervix because it goes way way back.


xoxticiaxox - February 18

I know what you mean about forceful, because I got my finace to check for me, and he had to push up to feel anything...although now I can feel it lower...I really think that my baby has dropped now because the pressure is unbareable at times. Thanks for your answer I appreichiate it! xooxox


Sonrisa - February 20

I knew that I dropped when all of the sudden I could not see my belly b___ton when I look straight down. Also my b___bs are not lying on my belly anymore they are now above it and i can put my fingers between my belly and my b___bs. I have noticed each day my belly dropping more. The way I measure is by seeing the distance between my b___st and belly. I have also noticed less space on the bottom between my belly and my legs. I can also breathe a little better.


Sonrisa - February 20

As far as the cervix...I have felt pressure there and it feels like it is opening up. I know that I have started to eface at week 34 but not sure if I am dilating. I am not sure how you can tell except the feeling that things are starting to open up.


xoxticiaxox - February 20

Well right now I feel like something is going to fall out or soemthing lol!



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