High Protein And Sugar In Blood Your Feedback Appreciated

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redmondsky - October 24

Hi everyone! We are at 33 weeks and will be delivering our son via c-section at the beginning of December. Today I had my 2 week Dr. Appt and brought in the old yellow stuff for the usual testing. It was my morning urine - that's what my doc office wants. Anyways - the dip stick shot through the roof for both protein and urine. Two weeks ago it didn't do this. I have been tested for gestational diabetes and it came back perfect. My blood pressure is fine. No swelling etc...my doctor has ordered another urine test tomorrow at the hospital - he is most concerned that it could be the start of a urine infection. I know that high protein can also be a sign or pre-clampsia. We are SO CLOSE....I can almost imagine what it's going to be like to hold my little baby. Should I worry - if he isen't? He didn't mention the pre-clamp thing - I just did some searching on my own. Has anyone else had this?


redmondsky - October 24

Sorry everyone - I mean high protein/sugar in urine...not blood. BABY BRAIN!!!


wantanotheraftertr - October 25

I had trace amounts of protien but not sugar. If the next test has it still they will probably just keep watching and make you collect a days worth to be tested. If they feel it is early toximia they will watch and may have to take the baby earlier but they can give you steroids to help develope the lungs. I would not worry to much as blood presure is fine and no swelling. I also did so research with the trace amounts. My BP is usually low but was at the normal stage this time. I would think with the sugar in it also it is probably a UTI! Good luck to you!


redmondsky - October 25

Thanks so much for responding. I went to the hospital today and gave them some more blood and the yellow stuff ~ We have had a super complicated pregnancy and I feel my little boo is so close to being in my arms.......


docbytch - October 25

Hang in there RedmondSky. My pregnancy had more things wrong with it then I could count...GD, HTN, mild pre-eclampsia...carpal tunnel...DeQuervains Tendonitis (still bugging me too dammit), horrible pain when he moved too much...etc etc etc. I went on bed rest for the last two weeks and they were gonna take him at 38 weeks but couldn't because his lungs were not ready. He was born at 39 weeks via scheduled c section (he weighed 10lbs8oz at birth) and most of his clinical course went alright...with the exception of mild hypoglycemia and a five hour episode of transient tachypnea of the newborn.. Once those things normalized he was brought to me the afternoon after the surgery. He also hurfed up a fair amount of amniotic fluid while I was holding him...but I found out that was to be expected. He has been just wonderful at home. He is now 16 days old. I am also an older mom....my only other child is 21 years old!! If your doc feels everything is okay...do your best to put your trust in them. It was hard for me because I am in the healthcare profession myself (RN)...but in the end...I caved and let the doc do her thing.


lil-miss-saunders - October 26

is sugar in the urine on its own anything to worry about?



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