High Protein In Urine At 27 Weeks But Normal BP

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kbrophy - May 26

I'm 27 weeks pregnant and recently did a 24 hour urine test and they found that my protein levels were 501. I have NO symptoms of preeclampsia and my blood pressure is normal and hasn't changed. Anyone been through something similar or know what to expect? I'm trying to be cautiously optimistic, but it's hard not to worry.


preggosauce - May 26

I asked this question the last time I was at the Dr (because they had me go up to labor and delivery to monitor my blood pressure). I asked if someone could have pre-eclampsia and NOT have high blood pressure. The Dr. told me that yes, it is possible, but very rare, since usually the pre-e causes high blood pressure. 501 is a pretty high number. With my last pregnancy, they admitted me when my 24 hour urine showed a protein count of 450 (I had high blood pressure too though). What did the Dr's tell you? I know that protein in the urine means that your Kidney function is being jeopardized. Are they going to run any more tests?


kbrophy - May 26

I don't know yet... I'm supposed to go back in about a week, they've changed my appointments to every two weeks now. The doctor said that at this point they're just going to watch it since my BP is still normal and I'm not having any swelling or other symptoms, and that if I don't develop the other symptoms and the protein doesn't get much worse, they'll allow the pregnancy to go to term. We're military and they tend to not be very thorough as far as testing and everything goes at the hospital, (you don't even see the same doctor every time... I've seen six so far) so I'm hoping they refer me to a civilian perinatologist. Maybe they'll do another urine test next time and find it was just a fluke or something, but they haven't said anything specifically about further testing. They don't even test your urine for protein and sugar at every visit there.


HeatherIsHopeful - May 26

well, I dont have an answer for you but I can sympathize with you about the military hospitals.. my huby is in the air force so I was at the military hospital on base for my first two trimesters and I NEVER saw the same doctor twice the whole time I was there.. my husband ended up getting deployed so I came back home to stay with my mom and I am now at a civilian hospital.. it is soooo much better! good luck hon!! I hope it all works out.


preggosauce - May 26

What military base on you on? My hubby is also miltiary (ARMY). We are stationed at Schofield Barracks in Hawaii, so I go to Tripler Army Medical Center. Which is supposed to be one of the better one's. I had my daughter there in 2006, and actually I can't complain too much. I did see different Dr's everytime...and its a training hospital...not to sure how I feel/felt about that either. Though, They've run more tests, and monitored me more closely then I think a civilian clinic would have. Maybe just having protein in your unrine with no other symptoms is ok? Though, I would think they would want to run more tests...Keep us posted!


kbrophy - May 27

We're at Eglin AFB in Florida, but we're actually army, too. I had a better experience with my first pregnancy at the base hospital, but that was at Yongsan in Korea... they still didn't test my urine at every visit and all of that, but at least I saw the same doctor every time. They seem to ALWAYS be training at this hospital too (I've had to get a few spinal taps and the first time, they had 7 trainees in the room "observing" it being done, and another time the intern that did it with my neurologist was the same intern who was at my last OB appointment) so that's a little bizarre, to say the least. My favorite is when they send three people in to give you an IV and between the three of them, they poke you seven times before they finally get it in right. Gotta love that. :) At least someone else knows what it's like! lol... I actually had a civilian OB for the beginning of this pregnancy and I switched to the MTF because I thought she was *too* alarmist and into testing and monitoring every little thing, etc. The gra__s is always greener, I guess.


Faye84 - May 27

i have protien in my urine also, i dont know what the numbers are.. i just know that its plus 1. the doc said i dont have to worry about it right now because my blood pressure is looking good.



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