Hip And Thigh Pain While Lying In Bed

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mandee25 - October 4

I woke up today and felt like crying with pain. My hip and thigh that I was lying on were hurting so badly. All I do is toss and turn and I cannot get into a comfy sleeping position even with my friend, the body pillow. Is anyone else suffering from this kind of pain?


Seal - October 4

Mandee I was just about to post on the exact same topic. I have the same problem, and it means that I'm not really getting any satisfying sleep these days. I'm nearly 29 weeks. The pain is between my hip bone and my pelvis and then shoots down to my feet as well. I also find it agonizing to turn over in bed. When I do, the pain is in my pubic bone on the left side. OUCH! I've tried all sorts of things, but nothing seems to help. I'm going to ask my OB, though she is rarely helpful. By the way, are you of Northern European extraction? I heard that we are much more prone to this particular type of pain than other women.


sealjoy - October 5

Hi, I have the same issue. I have looked it up and found this: http://www.plus-size-pregnancy.org/pubicpain.htm This describes everthing to a tee!


Taffy - October 5

I can definitly sympathise. I've had these problems for months now (now 38.5 wks). I spoke to my Dr as I couldn't get enough sleep to be able to work in the day and she recommended taking tylenol (paracetamol) before going to bed. I was a bit worried about taking painkillers so I tried a half dose and found that it was enough to help me get a better nights sleep. I would however recommend that you speak to your Dr/midwife first. Incidentally Seal, I am northern european (british). I didn't realise that we are more prone to these pains. Might explain a few things!


Perl - October 5

Sometimes, YES!!! I'm in week 33 now and this just became an issue for me in the last couple of weeks about the time of my belly's growth spurt. I've read that it's the extra weight and possibly weaker bones due to to relaxin hormone causing this problem. The best thing that's worked for me is to get out of bed and walk a bit around the house and do a bit of stretching: bend over the edge of the bed or table and give my lower back a good stretch, sit on a chair and gently stretch as far as I can side to side until I feel a stretch in the hips (I usually get a gentle popping sound out of it). Then, I try to sleep again in a propped up position or on a recliner. Good luck, I know how terribly uncomfortable it can feel.


Kristin72 - October 5

It could also be sciatica..because of the pressures on your nerves and the shifting of your bones and hip joints..that would give you exruciating pain in your hip and leg. Or it could be just the latter...plain old hip pain from sleeping on it . I had sciatic pain already and it was in my right hip and went down my leg. I also wake up nightly with my legs locking and I have to stretch my feet towards my body to aleviate the pain while sleeping. Also, our circulation is not as good towards the end of pregnancy so this can cause us pain too..


BaByHavinAbABy - October 5

OMG I GET THESE ALLLLL THE TIME!!! I get it with my driving leg though...i haven't really gotten it with my left one...but it hurts so bad that i want to cry!! It's like a deep deep pain!! I can't explain! And nothing helps, and if i try to stretch it out, it only makes it worse!! I don't really know what helps..but im tossing and turning too! I'm kinda just putting up with it for the next 6 weeks!!!


mandee25 - October 5

The things we go through to have a baby eh? Yes Seal I am Scottish/English so it looks like I am more prone to this pain. It's not really in my pubic area where I have this pain. It's like an achy growing pain feeling and I know it's from the added weight and lying on my sides.



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