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Barb - January 26

I'm 37 weeks pregnant I for about a week i have been having pain on my hip but only on the left side anyone have this or know what the cause is?


Jamie - January 27

I have had it since first trimester. THe baby is probably resting on a nerve. you only have 3 more weeks so hopefully it will end soon!


Boomgirl - January 28

I too have it on right side the since first month! I have seen that its less if I Sleep on the right side.So try sleeping on ur left side since ur left side is paining.


becca - February 1

yea i have the pain in my left side had it since i was bout 30 weeks im now 35 so what trimeester am i thank you


becca - February 1

i just found out im third trimester lol


here to help - February 2

i just had my baby 3wks ago and had that problem my whole pregnancy .... it is just your ligaments stretching it can somtimes be extremely painful and be mistaken for labor pains it is just your body getting ready for the big day. if you do get it to bad and it is causing you to much discomfort go see your doctor it could mean you have a weak pelvic bone and may need to wear a brace... i did. good luck! :)


Kylie - February 3

I have been having both hip and pelvis pain since I was 28 weeks pregnant. I am now also 37 weeks pregnant and as my doctor tells me it is all normal to have these pains. He says it due to the ligments that hold the hip and pelvis in place start to relax and loosen, ready for delivery. He told me to go to a natural health food store and get some raspbery leaf tea or raspbery leaf tablets as this can help with the pain. I take one tablet in the morning and one at night and I honestly find that it does help with the pain. The other thing you can do is go and see a physiotherapist that specialises in pregnancy, they are really good with helping with hip pain.


Snickers - February 21

Well unlike the other lucky ladies - I'm now post delivery 18mths and still suffer with pain behind my left hip, can't sleep on my back at all, and still have to regularly turn in sleep. I too wore a support belt - in the middle of a very hot summer and used crutches - but hey, by my calculations you've now had you're baby and will hopefully will be pain free if not totally shattered....


Roses - February 22

Hi i'm 35 weeks pregnant & have hip pain also.At times its difficult for me to walk.The best option is rest&relax in bed in a good position,not on back.


Suzanne Greenfield - June 24

I'm 30 weeks preggo and I have hip pain exclusivly on my right side, I'm also getting a pressure feeling on my pubic bone. My doc said that the pressure as from where my hips were widening and the ligaments loosening to accomidate the baby. I apparently am getting this slightly ahead of sched, but my hips were narrow before hand.



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