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averysmom - February 3

Does anyone else have horrible hip pain at night time? I will be laying on my side and wake up with m hip on fire, then I switch sides and an hour or so later it happens with the other side..anyone know what causes this?


cyclemom - February 3

I don't know what causes it, but I feel the exact same thing. I'm up every 45 min - 1 1/2 with contractions and to pee, so I just switch sides that often and it helps. Wish I knew how to avoid it.. . .


DDT - February 3

Yup I've had this for weeks now..and with having to pee every 2hrs at night (I'm 38wks). It's just one of those pregnancy things we have to deal with...its from the weight of the baby and our joints which are getting looser.


averysmom - February 3

Do the joints getting loser have anything to do with labor approaching?? I'm just tired of being pregnant at this point!! lol...I'm almost 37 weeks and praying that my little one will be here anytime...I don't sleep at night and am just very uncomfortable...


DDT - February 3

No, I don't think looser joints are any indication of labour approaching...its just something that occurs towards the end of the pregnancy. Try warm baths before going to bed, gla__s of warm milk (to help you sleep) and hot/cold packs to ease the pain of your hips.


mamagoose - February 3

I can relate... I'm 40w3d and it feels like my pubic bone is being ripped in two... I can't even roll over in bed anymore! God I want this pregnancy to be over soon... I don't think this baby wants to come out ever. aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!


Jadejewels - February 4

Yes I know exactly what you're talking about!! I have been having the same pain every night!! I don't remember having this pain with my other two children but it is very much there with this little guy!!


redhead125 - February 5

I have had this too and it's no fun! I've been trying to drink tonic water (it contains quinine) and is supposed to help with joint pain. Try to get a bit of exercise as well (a nice walk) to get things stretched out and warmed up. Best of luck! At least we know it's temporary!


lilnikki_0384 - February 5

I feel the same way. You would think they would hurt during the day, when we are more active.


Tammy276 - February 5

mine hurt at night too when I am sleeping...its from being in one position for so long with the extra weight on the joints...its more of a burning sensation, so I am constantly tossing and turning during the night..My ribs have started to hurt when I sleep too, I think she likes to jam her feet under there when I am sleeping or something.



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