Hip Pain And Unable To Sleep

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JL - November 10

I am almost 37 weeks and feel so exhausted because I cannot find a comfortable way to sleep!! It feels like my hip joints are all out of whack, and then of course we can only sleep on our sides when we are pregnant, so I spend the whole night switching from one side to the other to alleviate the pain in my hips. I have a pillow between my knees, but I am still in pain. Anyone have any tricks?


Ginny - November 10

I had the exact same problem, and I finally figured out that I needed some support to the front and back of me. I just take a quilt and twist it, putting one end under my head, then around my back and tucking the end between my knees. I usually add a pillow under my tummy. I feel kind of silly sometimes, but I've been sleeping like an angel.


Theresa - November 10

JL I feel you. Everytime I sleep on one side when I try to move to the other side I feel real stiff in between my legs. Like a big o' lady trying to turn over. I get up and go to the bathroom at least three times thru the night and when I do man it be so stiff down there I feel like I want to cry. I need some tips too to have a good night sleep.


Jennifer - November 10

I also have the exact same thing. I sleep with with a pillow on either side of myself, one tucked under my tummy, on tucked under my back/b___t and one between my upper thighs. I still wake up and have to shift, but since I added the pillow between my thighs it seems like I'm not having to turn as often, like I can last longer one one side before I get achey and have to flip. All this talk of flipping and turning, I'm craving pancakes!


Lia - November 10

One thing I've found helpful is to not only have a pillow between you legs, but also under you stomach.


JL - November 11

Ok, I am actually jealous of anyone who is only getting up 3x per night to pee. I am at more like 6-8 times. Ugh.... I am so tired!


Nik - November 11

Hi JL! I will be 37 wks in 3 days. I am sooo big I already measure 40 wks and top the charts with amniotic fluid surrounding the baby. I am miserable. The baby is almost 8lbs estimated by ultrasound already (my fourth) I cannot sleep at all. I am up about every hour for various reasons (pee, change position, restless legs or horrible leg cramps.) My doctor put me on Ambien to help me sleep because I was going crazy without sleep and unable to care for my other 3 little ones!!! I feel your pain- literally. Also my sciatic nerve hurts on the right side. Hang in there. All of the pillows do help- especially behind your back/b___t/ belly thighs etc. I hate going to bed at night because it is such a fight! I lay awake at night and watch my husband (and animals) snoring in my bed! I'd like to hit him and wake him up! HA! HA! HA! I am lucky, because I am probably going to be induced at 38 wks to avoid having a giant baby and a C-section!! I swear your thread was written by me!! Take care and good luck!!!!


dew - November 11

I'm 33 wks and I wake up at least 6 times a night, sometime it's cause my wrists hurt, or I have to pee, or I had a bad/wierd dream, or my sholder fell asleep. Sometime I even wake up because I'm hungry. I eat something small and healthy (most of the time it's healthy, rarely is it small) but I still get hungry, so hungry that I wake up from a dead sleep! Am I the only one with these problems?


JL - November 11

dew, I cannot eat before bed because I am also suffering horrible pregnancy-induced acid reflux. I have to take a pepcid every night and then make sure not to eat anything after 7pm. Otherwise I wake up literally choking on my own stomach acids. Gross, huh?


Lory - November 11

I'm 33 weeks and I feel your pain! I have the back pain/pressure. It feels like my bones are moving! Heartburn and reflux, and I end up getting up about 6 times a night to pee. All this seems to go away during the day. So I end up sleeping during the day. To dew, why are your wrists hurting?? I have been waking up with horrible wrist pain (from the palm of my hand to 1/2 way up my arm) It is then sore during the day, and I can hardly lift anything. What is this????? I'm not sleeping on my arms I don't think! What could be causing it??? Good luck ladies!!


JL - November 12

Lory, I had pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel with my first pregnancy. Fortunately, not this time. It took a few weeks after birth for the wrist pain to go away. Maybe that is what you feel too.



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