Hiring A Doula

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mj - March 1

I am considering hiring a doula--my oBGYN office has tons of doctors and midwives, who are all great, but i have no way of knowing who will be with me when i go into labor....it's my first, and I like the idea of having a chance to get to know someone who will see me through the process. the doula service i found guarantees that the person you get will be with you through delivery--they include unlimited home visits, 24-hour phone contact, labor and delivery support, and a home visit after birth for a flat fee. My husband will also be with me but he's new at this, too. It's somewhat of a financial hardship for us (not cheap!) but I wanted to hear from others who have hired doulas about their experiences. Is it worth it? Did it make a big difference?


pbj - March 1

I personally did not have a doula, but several of my friends have. They all loved it and said it made a difference and helped them to focus during natural childbirth. I was medicated so I didn't really feel like I needed one. Wish I could tell you more. I would say if you don't get much response here go to the infant care forum since almost everyone there has already had babies. Good Luck


mj - March 1

that's a great suggestion--i'll try posting there. Thanks!


meme - March 2

I'm having a doula. Doing some trade with her for services: babysitting & my partner is helping out with her website. Ordinarily, we'd have to pay four hundred, so we lucked out that she's willing to trade. This is my first baby, I only have Medicaid, live in an extremely backwards city & state, & very glad that I at least have a doula. If I didn't, don't know how I'd get past all the very possible bs the ob & hospital staff would throw my way. I've only heard amazing things about doulas anyway. Good luck!


Hannah - March 4

I am hiring a doula. She is also an Ob RN in the hospital, so it is nice to have someone on the inside w u. she is charging $100 per hour.


wow - March 4

A hundred an hour? What if you're in labor for 24 hours?


mj - March 4

the one i found charges $650 for all of the services i listed above--seems like a better deal than $100 an hour...unless your labor is really short.


Hannah - March 7

She said if my labor goes over 12 hours, she will charge me a flat fee of $1500. She may be more expensive b/c she is also an RN and we live in NYC. :( Everything is rediculously overpriced here.


to Hannah - March 7

Wait. So if you're in labor for 13 hours, she's gonna charge $1500? Maybe you should look around for a non-RN doula. I have a non-RN doula, & she is AMAZING! Incidentally, she's also trained in neo-natal resuscitation, and she's a hell of a lot cheaper. I know NYC can be expensive, but I bet you can do better.



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