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waitngformyangel - November 2

so right now i am 36w2d. and pretty much bored... anybody have any hobby ideas or like something that will keep me busy?the internet is starting to get boring and tv...well its just the same things everyday. im just really stuck in a room all day long. i have my granparents here but they just watch tv too.lol. any ideas would be MUCH APPRECIATED. :D thanks and god bless.


emfine99 - November 2

It's an expensive hobby... but I'm a sc___pbooker. I have been for a while. Right now I'm working on making stuff for family as gifts for Christmas that I can put photos of the new baby in. I also sell some of my work on ebay. It's fun and it keeps my hands busy!


socurbaby7 - November 2

I have taken up making hats and scarfs and blankets... and u dont need to know how to knit... jus go to a crafts store and get a loom and some yarn its really easy


DaBonkElsMe - November 2

I like to buy white ceramic Christmas ornaments and paint them. You can get them at craft stores around this time of year and the paint too. It's not too expensive, and they make nice gifts or add on gifts for Christmas. I also recently started going through our pictures and putting them into albums by year, not sc___pbooking, just putting them in and labelling them. It's nice to get the pictures all in one place.


mereniki - November 2

I second sc___pbooking- I'm working on my baby's first sc___pbook right now...it's been so much fun doc_menting my belly growing, and her ultrasound photos. I also knit- making baby booties and blankets takes up a lot of time too!


Malica - November 2

I've taken up knitting -- I knew only the basic knit and purl from year and years ago, the rest I've learned from many of the great sites online. Yarn can be as cheap as $2 for a ball, or as expensive as you want for the fancy stuff. The needles aren't too expensive either. There's lots of easy patterns out there, so I made a little cardigan for DD. (It took only one ball) :) I'm working on mittens for me then mittens for my husband now.


jenna32 - November 2

have you had your/a baby shower yet or gifts for the baby? you could fill out thank you cards to pa__s the time.Haven't had a shower but i've gotten some things, thought it'd be a good idea to pa__s the time while waiting for the baby to arrive since you won't have a lot of time later.


jenna32 - November 2

oh and install the car seat and other things to get ready for the baby!


Ashley86 - November 2

Well, if you can't afford to sc___pbook but still would like too, I recommend digital sc___pbooking using PSP. That's how I use my time. Downloading sc___p kits and making things. It's really fun if you make friends online in the hobby and you share links with other friends and just learn different techniques. I have lots of fun doing it and it's how I pa__s my time.


staci - November 2

Ashley you should give her link to look at some of your stuff! She does such a wonderful job gilrs!


Ashley86 - November 3

*blush* If she's interested, she's welcome to message me on yahoo and I can help get her started. It's a nice hobby to get into and is very good at keeping you occupied! I am at t;hat everything aches stage in pregnancy and it even keeps my mind off of that. If you wanna message me waiting, I'm aneverdyinglove070205 on yahoo...I think we're only a day apart due date wise, I am November 27th...



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