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izechsmama - December 1

hey.. i've been following your posts, did you have your LO yet? i had this feeling from the beginning that you were gonna go early... i'm just glad that its a safe early! whats really funny is you could end up delivering the same day as my sister in law, that is if your bub isnt already here! keep me posted, i want to know how you are!


whatisgoingon - December 1

Hey!! No lo here yet. :) But I dont think its very far off - perhaps 2wks? I am not sure. I am a couple days shy of 37wks, and have been having a lot of groing/thigh cramps over the last 2wks and definately more frequent this last week-currently. Lots of practice contractions (feel like diarreah pains or gas pains LOL). See the Dr on Wednesday and am going to ask about this leaking of water I have been having the last 3days. It doesnt happen all day but maybe 2-3 times, it's clear odourless fluid, I am not too worried - I am sure it's just some sort of cm. (I hope! otherwise I could have left myself open to infection right? eek..). I just dont want to bother the hospital and end up looking stupid. I think I might ask the Dr at the hospital on Wed if they could check to see if I am dilated/effaced at all - I know they dont do it routinely but I thought if I specically asked they might? Just because I can feel up to my cervix and it's very squishy and I can fit 2 finger tips in there easily with room to move from side to side, and my cervix isn't long anymore it's pulled up a lot. So I just have this feeling that I am dilated and effaced, I mean how else could your cervix be gaping like that otherwise? lol. (not that I am any expert I am just guessing). I really dont know what is going to happen, I dont think its far off (labour) but I guess its all just one big waiting game isnt it? We are so excited to meet him and its getting a little nerve racking - I am not really worried about the birth process, more so about my little man being okay through it. How are you doing at the moment anyway? Healthy and doing well I hope. Fill me in on all the details. xo


izechsmama - December 2

hey you... its hard to say how far off things are.. i would definately get that leak checked out though, after what all the others said about infection its not worth it... my water didnt break until i was 8 centimeters with my first son... so it will be interesting to see how things go this time... i cant believe that you are going to be holding your lo in no time! you know we've known eachother for a year now? we both were on here a year ago starting the process!! but anyways.. i found it interesting that you mentioned the contractions feel like gas pains to you... i think if you ask any women they will all have a different answer... all i remember from last time is that they were one of a kind and i hadnt expierenced anything that could resemble them, but thats my own personal take... my sister in law is due in 8 days... i'm so excited for her... shes going to be such a great mom, and shes wanted a baby for sooooo long..... i cant wait to see my nephew!! but so far my pregnancy is going good.... i am working on 28 weeks now... so i can officially start posting here~ haha... i just cant believe how fast things are going... it seems like i have appts all the time, and i only have one more monthly and i start my biweekly.. i cant believe that... its so crazy... i mean we will be in Jan before i know it, because of the anticipation of christmas... and i'm due the month after that... its so wierd to think when people ask me in January when i'm due, i'm literally due the next month... i believe hes head down and has been for the last 2 weeks... i knew with my first son when he turned it was so obvious.. and so far this has been the same way.... so that in itself is just very odd to think that hes head down and will stay that way until hes ready to meet us!!! but anyways... well i hope that things go soon for you, and i'm dying to see pics on your myspace or something when you have him... you should send a quick post if you go into labor.. that is if you get time! :) keep me posted on your doctors appts... i have one tomorrow.. pretty routine still... but they'll definately get more interesting and i'll get the results of my glucose tomorrow... hopefully i pa__sed!! :) anyways hun, i'll talk to you soon.. take care!


whatisgoingon - December 3

Hey hun!! I cant wait for you to join the third trimester, we both waited so long for this didn't we!? :) It really seems like only yesterday we were ttc and doing fertility friend and charts etc. It's crazy to look back upon and realise that was a year ago! We have come along way and I am so happy you are right there with me! I guess we both got our little miracles we longed for after all :) I see the Dr every wednesday and that is the day I turn a new week. So this Wednesday I am 37wks! Yay full term! He has definately dropped and he feels like he will fall out sometimes, he he. My pants that I have always worn low on hips are now tight to do up because my belly has fallen down lower and up around my ribcage/under b___sts has a huge flat spot and it's all squishy LOL. Does the top of your fundus do that when they drop? Go from hard to squishy that is? He isn't kicking me as high up under the ribs now and when he moves his head I get really bad groin/thigh cramps/lighting bolt sensations *ouch*. I can also feel his tiny little hands wanding down around there pretty low in pelvis, it's funny when he gets hiccups too because they verberate off my cervix as bubbles LOL. I can't wait to meet him, and its already December 3rd afternoon here, so tomorrow I have 22days until my due date hits! But I could go earlier than that which means I may be even less to wait, it's scary and exciting to think I might only be a wk or 2 off seeing my precious son! Makes me get teary just thinking about it all! I can't wait - CAN NOT WAIT!!! to feel labor because I know it means that my lo is starting his journey in2 the world to meet his mummy and daddy! I dont care how much pain I have to go through - I really havent even thought/worried about the contractions etc because I am just so thrilled to finally be nearing the home stretch towards holding him in my arms! I just put the xmas tree up this afternoon and it's all sort of hit me, wow here we are in "THE" month - Delivery Day is near! 9-10mnths has gone by so quickly and I have loved every moment, the good and the bad and I feel so blessed to have experienced such a perfect healthy pregnancy to date. Keep me updated on how you are going and your test results and I will email you a piccy of my belly later on this evening or tomorrow :) xo


whatisgoingon - December 3

ps - I am planning on staying at home as long as possible (that is if my waters dont break) before heading to the hospital. So I will definately be posting on here progress/updates report as I go through contractions etc :)


izechsmama - December 3

hey you..... it is so crazy isnt it.... cant believe how fast the time goes by... and i know exactly what you mean about not being scared.. i was the same way, i mean you have to go through it anyways and you want to see your baby... i wasnt scared at all with my first and i'm actually excited for this round, i know how much pain it is, but i look forward to every minute of it... because i know what joy it brings, i have a son that lights up my whole life and is my everything, and now i'm going to get two! but anyways, i'm also going to stay home as long as possible before going to the hospital.. i have to be careful cause my labor progressed really fast last time.... went from 4-8 cm in less than 45 minutes and the last two cm were also really quick... it really only took me time to get from 2-4 as i was 2 before they induced and it took a good 5-6 hours for the contractions to even get bad enough to do anything once the pitocin was started... but we arent far from the hosptial and i know what my body is telling me... so all should be fine... but i'm excited that you're going to keep us all posted here.. i cant wait!! i'm really excited for my son to meet his brother... hes infatuated with babies, he just is in awe of them.. and i think its great... he's always kissing my belly and saying baby... :) but anyways... well keep me posted, i'll let you know how my dr appt goes today.. and i'm so looking forward to that belly pic! i'll send you one too, i need to take one or two really bad its been two months since the last ones! :P


izechsmama - December 4

hey you... so my dr appt was good... baby is indeed head down as i suspected... which is almost a weird thought.. i know my first son turned at 27 weeks and this one was 26 weeks.. and its just an odd feeling.. that they are getting themselves positioned! its also weird to go to the dr and have her be asking you if you're getting excited and have her telling you that if you want to take a birthing cla__s now is the time to start... it really makes a person realize how fast time has gone and that things arent that far off in reality... but i havent gotten back the results of my glucose yet.... but i did get diagnosed with pregnancy acid reflux... which has been horrible for the last week.. and hopefully some of the over the counter stuff will help me with that.. i cant even sleep at night its so bad.... but anyways... i read your other post about feeling guilty about not calling your midwive... if i were you i wouldnt wait til you go in.. i would call them now and just let them know... i would play it off like the first few times it happened you werent aware of what it could be.... i mean i dont think they're going to be mad at you.... more of a concern maybe?? i know the leaking waters thing isnt a good thing as far as infections and stuff... but i wouldnt feel bad, i would just call now though instead of waiting til your appt tomorrow.... its always better to be safe than sorry... and if it is leaking then on the bright side they can finish it off and you can have your little bub now! :) but anyways... i want a belly pic before that happens... and keep me posted on what you decide to do... good luck hun... talk to you soon!


whatisgoingon - December 4

Hey hun! Glad everything went well at the Dr's for you and bub! That's not good to hear about the acid reflux (ouch!), but hopefully you can get that sorted out with the over-the-counter medicines. You really dont have all that long to go either, it does become surreal when you start approaching that 30wk mark - for me it was when everything hit home & the excitement really started to build up! I just cant' believe I am 37wks today! My lo is 'full term', it's so good to know that from now on in if he was to arrive the chances are very high he will be fine/healthy to do so. He gave me a fright last night as he was being stubborn and for the first time ever decided he didn't want to move. He is usually very active, pushing out all the time etc. I got a couple little pushes out of him (from drinking cold milk and prodding lol) and then I could stop worrying enough to fall asleep. It's 3am here at the moment, and besides waking up everying 1-2hrs to go to the toilet I couldn't sleep because I was so absolutely famished! I have never woken up middle of the night starving, especially after eating my usual amount at dinner time which normally would suffice. It's so strange! I am wide awake and still hungry after eating cereal, bubby has decided it's play time too and has been practising his exercises/aerobics lol - But it's relieving to know he is moving around back at his usual frequency again.. not nice worrying about your lo. I see the Dr this afternoon at the hospital so I will address what has been happening with the leaks then, I have waited this far right? I really don't think it could be anything serious anyway..guess you can't help be over-worried at this point into the pregnancy though. Almost there at the home stretch (labour) and I am just getting a tad anxious about my little man, I want him to be okay. Will send a belly piccy this morning if I get the chance and will let you know how the Dr goes too. :) xo


izechsmama - December 4

keep me posted hun! i'm excited to hear about your appt!


whatisgoingon - December 5

Hey! Well back from the Dr's. They did a CTG and a speculum examination (fun! pah). CTG was all fine, with a very active healthy baby & heart rate. They did a speculum (internal) examination to see if they could find any pooling of fluid, which they didn't. They could only see that there is excess discharge in there at the moment, they asked if I had any itching/burning to indicate thrush, but I have not had any white discharge or those symptoms. So I guess I just have extra cm there at present - I thought lochia that you have during pregnancy is a creamy colour? Any way, weird! LOL and lucky me! *not*. Isn't bothering me either way though, because nothing has been coming out and the midwives just said that the clear fluid leaking could just be a hind water tear - which usually they clear up on their own and don't pose any threat in most cases. So I just have to keep an eye on everything, but at this point it all looks fine. So what a relief! :) Better safe than sorry and the extra time spent at the hospital was well worth it to have that worry off my mind. She didn't mention anything about my cervix being % effaced or ? dilated, I don't think she could see in far enough perhaps, so maybe I will end up going over due and not early as I have suspected..would be typical lol


izechsmama - December 7

hey.. you still hanging in there? i emailed you some belly pics!! waiting for mine! :)


izechsmama - December 10

hey u!! you're worrying me! are you still hangin in there? you best let me know if your LO is here! you've not been on in awhile..


izechsmama - December 10

i started bleeding and had to go in on emergency to labor and delivery to be monitered! i was in shock, cause things have gone so easy so far... and thats not even how things started with Izech... but anyways..we got there and they monitered the baby right away.. and he is perfectly fine.. the issue doesnt lie with him.. THANK GOD.... by the time we got to the hospital i wasnt bleeding anymore... which was good... but when they checked me they determined that my cervix is no longer closed and i'm dialated to about a centimeter... which concerns me, because its like deja vu with Izech... but i was only seen by the nurses... and they stayed into contact with the DR on call, which wasnt my own DR... but after a couple hours, they said to go home, rest and call my DR in the morning and she'd tell me what she thinks... and of course if i had any more issues to come back... but i asked the nurse isnt that bad that i've started dilating at all?? and she said, it could just be me... and since its still only a cm that its okay for now... so we'll see what my dr says in the morning... i'm not sure what to think, they said sometimes women bleed in pregnancy because the pregnancy causes a senstive cervix... however... i have a hard time with that considering i've never had that problem in EITHER of my pregnancies and this is the first i've seen anything of it... if that is the problem, its so much better than the alternative.. but i will wait to hear from my own dr to see what she thinks.. after all she knows me best... she was my dr through all my pregnancy with Izech and she delivered him... but luckily all is okay now.. i feel okay... i really really am hoping and praying that she doesnt automatically suggest bedrest... at this stage in my pregnancy with Izech I was having the same problems, a little different.. but cervix was dilated to 2 cm by 30 weeks... and i'm 28 1/2 weeks now.. but i'm going to really hope that at the most she just suggests that we start my biweekly appts now so she can keep a better eye on me... i cannot really cater to bed rest... i have a 2 year old... however i dont want things to be my own doing if he were to be a preemie... so maybe with my past history, hopefully she'll just suggest that maybe i have restricted movement, instead of full on bed rest... one could hope anyways!! but i'll find out later this morning what she thinks.. so keep your fingers crossed for me...


whatisgoingon - December 10

Hey!! Still hanging in here, was busy over weekend, my mum flew up to visit. She went back only this afternoon, so I have time by myself again. ~ I am sorry to hear about your trip to the ER, that is so scary! How much did you bleed, if you dont mind me asking? I really hope everything will be alright and you dont require bedrest. Fingers crossed your cervix stays put for a few more weeks, just to help make sure your lo doesnt arrive too early. How early was izechs? Keep me posted about your progress from Dr in morning. xo


whatisgoingon - December 10

ps - thanks for your photo!! You look well!! Your belly isnt that big for 28wks, you are carrying excellent for a second baby. I always was told that your subsequent children show much quicker and larger than the first round. I will get a photo hopefully tomorrow, was so busy over weekend I didnt get the chance. will definately arrange one though, so dont stress, its on its way :) xo


izechsmama - December 12

hey you... well so far i'm okay... i've had some knarly contractions..not steady.. but my ultrasound showed my cervix to still be long at this point.. so they are just going to moniter me... i lost alot of mucus yesterday... which i believe was part of my plug.. same thing happened with my son at the same stage in my pregnancy... but they did the ultrasound yesterday.. and my son is already weighing in at 2 lbs and 13 ozs... which is scary for me.. cause if he makes it to my due date, then he could very well be around 8 lbs 9 ozs... and my first son was only 6lbs 7 ozs.. so thats a different.. haha... but he is healthy and so far things are okay.. i havent had anymore bleeding.. i'm terrified to be intimate cause i dont know if its going to cause bleeding... i dont know if my doctors are going to schedule me in sooner than my next appt which is actually set for Jan 3rd... so we'll see... anyways.. they did a 3D ultrasound and it was amazing.. you can see my pics on my myspace... its great... my SIL had her baby today.. i'm so excited for her... i cant wait to see him! he was 8 lbs 3 oz and 21 inches long.. and apparently had lots of dark hair... :) i'm a proud aunt~ but anyways.. how are you doing? hanging in there? have they checked your cervix yet?


izechsmama - December 17

hey you? you out there? let me know how your next appt goes... i'm rooting for you.. i know how hard it gets towards the end... i know you're done!! :) keep me posted.. and i'm still waiting on that belly pic! before you pop~



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