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Lindsey - April 13

What do you all think about the name George for a boy, my husband really likes it, but I am unsure.


AML - April 13

I think it sounds old. sorry its my honest opinion...


Karen S - April 13

I agree with AML it's an older name not cute for a baby's name. Sorry thats my honest opinion.


AML - April 13

Does he like any other names? Have him take a look at a name book or website....maybe you will both find something you agree on! Good Luck! But remember, its not what other people think of the name, its what you both want....not everyone else!!! :-)


Steph - April 13

I don't really care for it either. If he likes it due to it being a family name, could you guys compromise and use it as a middle? Otherwise, I'd never have it for the first name.


livdea - April 13

I honestly like the name George, I've known some great ones. And some hot ones. And besides...your baby is only a baby for how long? You want to think of a name thats going to suit him as an adult not as a baby or little boy! I've gotten some c___p for the name I've chosen people say, "well, I don't think about a little girl when I hear that name." And I bring up the fact that they are little a lot less of their lives then they are older. then the same people are like "yeah, I guess you're right, I like it then!" Some times people are silly. I think George is a strong name and it's not so common any more, which is nice.


Tillie - April 13

I think it's a great name! It's cla__sically cute.


dee23 - April 13

i tihnk its a fantastic name! i have a best mate called george and he is a real outgoing popular guy. we are naming our son william. yes its old but i think that the most simplest names are the best. for instance, if u choose the name rorey (sry to those picking that name), it doesnt sound like a mans name, nor does oscar, it sounds childish, where as william and george, are baby, toddler, childs, teenager mans and grand-dad's names and i think george sounds like he will grow up to be a friendly outgoing person that ppl love. remember u are never going to please everyone, best not give out the name to close friends and family until he is born......not everyone will be happy, but as long as you are, then thats all that matters.


Tess - April 13

It sounds like an OLD MAN's name. I personally don't like the name George..it reminds me of Pres. George Bush.


ash2 - April 13

i think it is old fashioned, but like someone else said, if its a family name and your keeping it because of a family member, then it is sentimental. im naming our son's middle name benjamin. i would not have picked it , but it means alot to my husband because it is his middle name.


meme - April 13

Actually, I really like it. No one is naming their kids that nowadays. I'm naming mine Terry (after a good friend of my partner's who died two years ago) and I'm thrilled that it's not only unis_x, but it also doesn't hit the charts on popularity anymore. I have a common name, and it was hella annoying to grow up with five or ten other girls in my cla__ses with the same name. I'm going to have mercy on my son.


Chrissy - April 13

EEK it reminds me of the President too. How about using it as a middle name if your husband loves it so much?? That way it's a compromise.


Nerdy Girl - April 13

I love it. But then again, I love old names. We just named our son Henry.


Renee-Marie - April 14

I like it. It's a cla__sic. You can't always go by what it sounds like. There are some REALLY cute kids out in the world wiht unusual or ethnic names that make the child who he or she is. If your gut tells you NO about the name George, then you'll never be able to do it. My hubby suggested RANDY for our boy and I just could not do it. I just can't. So I understnad your position. Anyway, I do like the name though. Good luck.


Roary - April 15

I have known some very nice Georges, and I personally have no problem with a name sounding like it belongs on a man's identification not a baby's--my baby's name is very much a man's name. However, I just can not get pa__sed the fact that the name George belongs to several members of the Bush family, not to mention generations of 'Royals' with extremely questionable motives. Perhaps other people do not identify so strongly with 'who has what name', but I for one can not overlook the curious power and symbolism--and underlying similarity-- of those personalities attached to those particular appellations. You wanted an honest opinion. I hope this meets the bill. Good luck with your baby naming efforts.


HannahBaby - April 15

my sons name (if thats what im baking) will be Kenneth. Im not crazy about it at all but its carrying on a tradition. I would name my son george if it was for a traditional so personal reason (grandfathers name or something) but i wouldent if he wants to name him that because he likes the name....good luck


Jamie - April 15

I like George...as for it being a 'man's' name, well...your son won't be a baby forever. And, George was one of the Beatles! So not all Georges are bad.



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