Hope For Moms About To Go Into Labor

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Jenn2 - May 9

I just wanted to share this with everyone on here b/c it has made me feel allot more at ease with the fact that I will be having a baby in a few weeks time. I talked to a number of women (about labor) in the last couple months, and I have found so many women to have (allot) more positive stories regarding their deliveries than from what I read about in books/mags and see on TLC's baby story. I have had 3 different women tell me their contractions were not nearly as bad as they had expected, and that one girl I talked to did not even realize she was in labor while at one of her routine doc visits. Her doctor sent her straight to the hospital b/c she was in active labor, but did not believe she was in labor b/c her contractions were not bad. I also talked to a friend (who admits that she has a low tolerance for pain), and was amazed that the contractions were bearable. She ended up getting the epi at 7cm dialation b/c she just didn't know what to expect (not b/c she was not albe to handle what she had felt already) I am not saying these women never felt anything during the entire labor, but they were not yelling and screaming during labor. Does anyone else have positive uplifting stories from friends/family about labor to share?


Steph - May 9

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I had no idea that I was in labor...apparently all morning and part of the afternoon long! I felt fine and the only "weird" thing that happened to me was I had a stomach issue ( which I thought was tmi, sorry, diarreah) but ended up being nothing. Once that feeling pa__sed, which was within five minutes or so, I was fine and continued about my day. A couple of hours later I went to the bathroom and lost my mucous plug, but I didn't know that's what it was at that time....my water broke about an hour after that and then the "real" contractions started. Can't miss em!! Anyways, my dh drove me to the hospital and when I got there I was dialated to a 6 and had my daughter about 2 hours later...it was a very easy and fast birth!! ;o) Oh, I also got an epi when I arrived at the hospital because I thought that I was going to be in labor for the "normal" 8-12 hours...I'm 31 weeks now and I won't be getting an epi this time around. I'm hopeful it'll be quick again!!


N - May 9

When I was in labour with my son I didn't know it in the beginning either. I had my 39 week appointmnet on a Friday morning arond 10:00. My OB thought it would be a good idea to strip my membranes, which I didn't even feel, since my BP was up. I went home after my appointment and went about my day. I felt some slight cramping here and there but never thought anything of it. Around 11:00pm just as I was getting ready for bed, I lost my mucous plug in the toilet. Then my contractions started. At that point they were very tolerable. After about an hour of timing them and realizing that they were lasting almost 1 minute each and were about 4 to 5 minutes apart we decided it was time to go to the hospital. Now, I won't lie to you, by the time I got to the hospital I had to stop walking and hold on to the rail on the wall for every contraction. When I arrived I was at 2cm dialated. By 12 pm the next day, I had been in intense labour for 12 hours at which point I requested the epidural. It was definitely the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. I had my son 4 hours after the epi. My case was the opposite in that no one ever told me how intense it can actually be so I went in there not believing how painful it was! But you know what? You forget the pain so fast and while you're experiencing it your focus is just on birthing that baby that you've been waiting to meet for nine months. If it were really that horrible, women would never do it more than once. I'm 38 weeks with my second and although I know it will be painful, the benefits far outweigh any pain that will be involved!


ash2 - May 9

sorry to be the bad story, but i dont have anything positive to say about natural child labor. i had to get an epidural around 6 cent dialated because i felt like i wanted to DIE! i will get another epidural more than likely , because i was not able to enjoy the labor process because of so much pain. when i did get my epidural, it was smooth sailing from there. it was worth it. i got to rest for about 6 more hours, and enjoy family and friends visisting socializing about the baby and me. and it was like the world stopped for you for the day, and i loved it. if i would not have gotten the epidural, i would have had no visitors or family except hubby and mom because i would be too embara__sed . i felt like you too jenn, and wanted to do it naturally ! i even told the anesthesiologist that i didnt want one, but after the pitocin, and 6 cent dialation, i was screaming for one ! dont get me wrong, if you want to do it naturally, then by all means, i will be the first to say that you are ALL WOMEN ! but as for me it is epidural all the way :) good luck ladies and take care...... remember, every women has a different birthing expirience than the other, and it will be yours, so make it special.....:)


Been There - May 9

It's funny. Even though my second daughter was 9 days late, they had to induce and I ended up having a c-section, I don't see it as a bad experience at all. I just see it as the way it went. It's just a memorable day for me. Don't get me wrong, I've seen some truly bad experience that could possibly leave a person not wanting to have another child. I totally understand. I'm just thankful that I didn't go through anything extreme and the baby came out fine. I feel fortunate.


ashley - May 9

with my daughter I had a 20 hour labor. My water broke at 2am (I did have diarrhea early that night but never thought anything of it) I went to the hospital because they told me to come in and I was only 2 cm dialated. I had been 1for a few previous doc visits. By 10am I never started contracting or progresssing so they started pitocin. By noon I was having some hard contractions, but barable. By 3pm I was crying like a ninny begging for anything and I was still only 3cm. I got an intrathecal because theyd id not give epidurals at my hospital. I got relieve for 1.5 hours of pain free relaxation. After that it was like labor started over and the pain gradually started progressing and getting bad again. by 6pm I was miserable and took some stadol. I had my daughter finally around 9:30 pm. My mom had a REALLY long labor her first one something like 48 hours. But her second and third she d__n near had the kids out in the parking lot. so i am curious to see how things will work with this one. I am only 29 weeks and waiting. I am definitely requesting and epidural this time around as soon as they will give it. Pain or not. I went through enough the first time to feel the "real experience."



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