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girl - October 13

I'm 4 days away from my due date. I love my bf but I want him home. He is all like well we ned the money and I understand that but I need him to be here with me. I can't stop crying. I feel so alone. I want this baby out. I haven't even lost my mucus plug yet. I can't sleep or do anything. Am I alone?


Jen - October 13

HANG IN THERE! You are almost at done, and soon you will have your baby in your arms and not uncomfortably in your belly. Have you discussed how you feel with your bf? Just let him know how much you really need him and his support right now- I think men have a hard time understanding that, so sometimes you have to tell them exactly what you need ( to talk/cry/get a foot ma__sage...) Even if he is working a lot for the money, make sure that the time you are spending together is time just for yourselves and not wasted on TV and other junk. I am sure once you talk to him, you will start to feel much better and relax (which will hopefully let your body go into labor!). And please do not ever feel alone!!!!! There are so many great women on this site that are full of support and encouragement, and they have all probably felt like you at some point in their pregnancy. Keep us updated on your progress, and take it easy- I'll say a little prayer for you, too : )


Tara - October 13

Yeah your almost there...make sure that you both make time for one another and remember your never alone you can always come here and post and someone will always post back to you and you can get support here i know it isn't the same type of support but it does help to know that someone is going through the same thing and you can vent about your b/f without him knowing.. ;-)


Julie - October 13

Join the club my husband has been home late all week. I am 40 weeks today and come from the Dr. this afternoon and I am not progressing. I have to go back Mon. for a NST and then we will talk about induction. I have a 3 year old who is driving me batty and like I said by hubby hasn't been home before 7 one night this week. Today is my birthday and I really thought I would be enjoying a gla__s of wine by now!



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