Hormones Anyone

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3babies - May 8

I have been the most mellow during this pregnancy by far (as I'm sure my husband would agree) ... but the other day I was trying to choose a mothers day card for my mum, and had to leave the shop because I was getting all teary reading the cards. Needless to say, I have no card ... I couldnt even buy one, I just had to get out of there! Anyone elses hormonal stories welcome!


Nita_ - May 9

Oh yes, hormones!! They have been pretty active I'd say all through my pregnancy. I start to get tears in my eyes even watching ads on TV! And yday when we were watching a video at the childbirth cla__s, my eyes tears up as soon as I saw the baby come out and being presented to the parents. Oh boy!! I thought i wouldn't be able to stop and be embara__sed. I also seem to notice that I get angry at things quite fast these days, have no patience! So, 3babies, you are not alone!


DWilson924 - May 9

Ok so my story about hormones goes like this. I am a HUGE cat lover and have 2 of the precious little fur b___s. Well one of them is very loveable and enjoys the weekends because she can lay in bed with mommy (me) and daddy (my husband). Well my husband does not like her laying with us because he is NOT a cat or animal person. So one Saturday morning E-X (the loveable cat) came to lay on my husbands stomach and wouldn't lay down and kept walking in circles on his chest which hurt him and caused him to yell at her. Instantly the tears started flowing and I was in hysterics. He just looked at me shocked and was clueless what to say or how to make me stop because I have never reacted like this before when he has yelled at her. After he comforted me and got me to stop crying, he started laughing and asked if that was what he had to look forward to for the rest of the pregnancy. All I could do is shake my head yes. Since that day though he has been a lot nicer to the cat, at least when I am around.


AML - May 9

I was in a store a month ago and one of the other shoppers reminded me of my younger brother (who has some behavor/mental issues) He looked just like my brother! His same height, weight, hair color, facial expressions, and the way he walked and talked! I couldnt help but look at him because I havent seen my brother but once since August 2005. I started to cry and had to leave the store asap. It was the most emotional experience I have had since I've been pregnant!


Steph - May 9

I was attempting to get on the freeway and some jack a__s turned in front of me, cut me off from another lane, and caused me to not be able to get on the freeway....so I cried. A lot. I had to pull over because I was so upset!! Hee hee! At least I was by myself! I did tell DH about it later on that night and he thought it was too funny!! So did I, at that point. But the afternoon when it happened was a whole different stroy!



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