Horrible Back Pain

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amanda17 - March 12

I just started getting really bad back pain. It's the worst I've ever had. My doctor told me Tylonol was fine but it's not doing anything for me. My fiance gives me back massages and he even got me an electronic one for when he's working... it helps for a little while but it's still really bad, almost to the point of tears. Any other suggestions for how to relieve back pains or is it just something I'll have to deal with? I miss the second trimester haha.


lala7 - March 12

Where abouts is the back pain? I've found that using a heat pack usually helps, as does lying down rather than sitting. Good luck. I miss the second trimester too! Actually, I just miss not being pregnant these days!!


julie2007 - March 12

my OB recommended a visit to a chriopractor if nothing else helped - i am going next week. maybe that will help you? be sure to let them know you are pregnant (even though it's likely obvious to see!) GL


lala7 - March 12

Oh, yes I went to a physio at one point too. I'm not really certain it did anything, but it could be worth a try. She gave me some exercises to do that were supposed to help.


CgGirl - March 13

Hey Amanda, I don't know where exactly your pain is or how far along you are, but I can only tell you my experience. At about 26 weeks, I started to have horrible pains, and once, it lasted for almost 12 hours. I was actually in tears and no position was giving me any relief. I went to see a ma__sage therapist who told me that one the disk in my lower back has rotated on itself. He was able to fix it, but it does come back. I've been seeing him regularly since. I am also starting physiotherapy tonight, because my insurance doesn't pay much for ma__sage therapy. Also, baths with epsom salts help A LOT! I also find that lying down makes it worse and sitting in an "indian" position is better. The therapist also told me not to try to hold my back straight, because it aggravates the disk rotation.


SuperMom - March 17

This is a "must have" if you have back pain...It's new so not many people have heard about it, but I totally love mine! Just google Bed-Pal maternity straps. Hope this helps, hang in there girlfriend!



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