Horrible Day Very Scared

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babyonboard16 - March 13

I found out today while having a routine ultrasound that the amniotic fluid is low, and that my baby is breech. I have been given steroid shots, and will be getting non stress tests twice a week. My doctor said the baby may die, has anyone else experienced this? What do I do?


andy - March 13

how far along are you??? and ... is your dr stupid??? HOW COULD HE SAY THAT !!!! If you do have low amniotic fluid you should rest and breech babies are born just fine , maybe just c section will be needed but nothing else...


Kar - March 13

Hard to believe that a doctorcould/would ever say that to someone........how far along are you, and if its that serious most doctors go with the att_tude bady is better out than in. Thats what my doc told me at 33 wks.


babyonboard16 - March 13

I'm 33 weeks along, but my doctor has told me things like that the whole time, I don't know I can handle a c-section but waiting and worrying isn't helpful ya know?


srigles - March 13

Sorry to be blunt, but your doctor is an idiot! How could anyone say that??? My son was born prematurely in October. He was breech, 5 weeks early, and I had low amniotic fluid. He's now a completely healthy and happy 4 month-old baby. There were other babies in the NICU born as early as 29 weeks - some with complications - but they were all coming along fine. I also had to have the non stress tests every couple of days. The whole thing was incredibly stressful, but worked out fine in the end. I really hope yours will as well. I know it's hard, but try not to worry too much. Your doctor should NEVER have said that. As far as a c-section goes.... I was worried as well (I had an emergency one after 10 hours in labour), but it was fine. Don't worry about that at all - you'll have that adorable bundle of joy to keep your mind off your recovery! Best of luck!


babyonboard16 - March 13

Srigles thanks for the advice I'd only be 4 weeks early if I delivered right now, and frankly I think she should have. My doctor has always been negative but it doesnt make it any easier to hear things like that.


s_xicherypoptart - March 14

if the baby is ok now. but may die later and your in the third trimester why wouldnt they just do an emergency C section? this seems weird breech babys are ok!!


Maggie - March 14

If I were you I would call the hospital that this doctor is affiliated with and report him to the chief of obstetrics. Even though you are close to your due date it is not too late to get a new doctor. With my first pregnancy I had low fluid and was induced that day. For now, try to stay as calm as you can, get off your feet and drink LOTS of water. Good Luck to you.


AshleyandAverysmom - March 14

Hey there... Both my girls were breech and the c-section is no big deal..Really! It was scarierier for me the 2nd time around b/c I knew what was happening..so dont be worried! PLEASE PLEASE contact your Dr's office and ask to see another DR , I'm a__suming that this is a multi practice office. Get a second opionion. Fake cramps if you have to, but just get back in there and see someone else! I'm confuse though b/c you said that you are 33 weeks but due in four weeks? At 33 weeks your babay has a very high chance of survial..if they are concerned about delivering the baby early, ask them to do an U/S to check the devlopment of the lungs...Empower yourself girl, they work for you!!!!!!! You may be younger than the average patient, but who cares... I think its safe to say that we all here believe in you and your child....Get another DR!!!!!!


babyonboard16 - March 14

I go to a doctor's office that's just mine, but I am considering getting a second opinion, because I had a cousin born at 28 weeks and he breathed just fine, they're doing a biophysical profile on friday, and if they don't deliver then I'm going to request it saying I know the risks.


ejmeskan - March 14

I agree with everyone. The FIRST thing I would do is find another doctor. Without a doubt. The last thing you should be feeling right now is a negative vibe. As if it isn't stressful and scary enough to carry a child, but to deal with this and then with you doctor being rude- that's not okay. I am a__suming you mean the 4 weeks until you are due because 37 is considered full term? That's what I guessed- Although they would consider the baby 7 weeks premature if you had it right now. good luck babyonboard. You definitely need a second opinion.


MrsShelton217 - March 14

that doesn't make sense. My daughter was born at 32 weeks. I had the steriod shots too.. You know its not too late to switch doctors.


cubbie - March 14

Firstly what kind of idiot doctor is talking about your baby being breech at 32 weeks, most babies turn between 32 and 36 weeks. At my 32 week us the baby wasn't yet head down and at 36 weeks it was (I'm 40weeks tomorrow). As for the amnio being low with my daughter 2 years ago I was low on amnio so they induced me, but it wasn't considered urgent so I had to wait 2 days to be induced. Get a second oppinion, any doctor who considers your baby to be in serious danger would have sent you straight to the hospital, so he sounds like a total idiot!


babyonboard16 - March 14

Well they're doing a lot of tests friday, and my doctor is trying to keep her in there as long as possible, the breech thing is pretty much permanent cause there isn't enough fluid for her to turn. They're thinking about delivering her at 36 weeks


djh - March 14

Hi, I agree wit the other posters. Your doctor is not communicating well with you or IS a complete quack. Many babies have a pretty rough start at first when delivered that early (the NICU has sick babies in there, and who wants to have their baby spend even one day in there if not necessary?) and the breech position is NOT uncommon at 33 weeks. If the fluid is low enough they dont' think the baby can turn then ask about an amnio-infusion. To already say they are doing a c-section sounds cut-happy IMO without more data on the baby. On the other hand, in some fairly uncommon circ_mstances the low amniotic fluid is indicative of certain issues with the baby such as stunting of lung maturity, and other syndromes. If the baby's kidneys are fine on U/S and the baby is producing urine, and the lungs appear to be developing normally, I cant' imagine why they want to take the baby that early on the data you provided.


babyonboard16 - March 15

I dunno but now im having allergic reactions to the steroid shots, theyre talking about delivering in 3 weeks, around april 2nd, my due date is supposed to be april 30th, ive heard from a midwife that my doctor is c-section happy...


Faye84 - March 15

you know ive read ALOT of your posts and your always complaining about your doctor or the nurses, instead of complaining about them throughout the entire pregnancy why dont you just go to a different docs office, obviously you guys arent hitting it off.



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