Horrible Feeling During Braxton Hicks Anyone Hear Of This

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Melanie21225 - July 28

Hi! I am so worried..I am 35 wks pregnant with my second child... And since I started getting BH's weeks ago, I get a very uncomfortable feeling with them. Whether I am standing or sitting when they happen, I instantly get this headrush feeling like I am being hung upside down and I feel like my blood pressure skyrockets? I feel real short of breath and like my head will pop...its awful and hard to even explain. I told my OBGYN about this and all he said was "It's probably because all of the blood is rushing to your uterus during the contraction", but I seriously doubt that for some reason?? This never happened with my first child. I am just very nervous that I wont be able to handle labor because of this feeling...its so awful....I feel like my head is being squeezed and I have trouble breathing. By the way, everything else with my has checked out normal. No high/low blood pressure...blood tests are normal...does anyone know what this could be?? THANKS :(


forevermissed - July 28

I have been feeling real short of breath too and like I am going to pa__s out when standing too long. I have found myself sitting more. I did not experience this with my first pregnancy either. I will have to say I haven't experienced a lot of things this time around that I did last time. I definitely am in more pain this go around. I guess what they say is true about no two pregnancies being the same. I am sure you are ok. I have been having very painful BH for the past month and I am always thinking oh this is it and then it goes away. I am 37 weeks right now. We will see how long he waits it out in there. Good luck to you


Tracy88 - July 28

This is my second pregnancy and I was having contractions that felt the same way! I thought I was crazy....imagining them feeling different than with my first child. I don't know what changed, but they don't often feel like that anymore. The only thing differently that I have done in the past month is to take more iron because my hemoglobin came back lower...can't say it's relative but you never know right? I am now only 30 weeks. You are so lucky you are further along!


Melanie21225 - July 29

Thank you guys very much...I just went today for my appt (im 36 weeks today i believe) and I told my doctor about the discomfort again and how scared I am that I wont be able to handle it during the real labor if it happens...he understood, but said something about if I get an epidural I should have much less of a problem because the epidural lowers your blood pressure?? I dont know..I am thinking of requesting a C-section now because I am so apprehensive about dealing with this awful feeling......... :(


alirenee86 - July 30

It's certainly not me, but I wouldn't go requesting a C-Section. It's major surgery and though it might sound like the eaiser way out now, I think if you wind up needing one, so be it, but I would try to relax and let your body go with when it wants to go into labor.



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