Horrible Pain In Groin And Other Places

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Traci - August 15

Hello! Is anyone else experiencing this....I have horrible pain when I walk, get in and out of the car, or just move basically in my groin and va___a area. I've been told it can be the ligaments and such stretching to get ready for childbirth, but I'm in such terrible pain all the time. I've also been told it can be varicose vains in my va___a...yikes! People notice my waddle, but it hurts so bad all the time. Just sitting here hurts. I'm 35 weeks and this has been happening for 2 already. Anyone else, any suggestions?


Jbear - August 16

I have pains like this too. This is my second pregnancy and my doctor told me feelings of pain/pressure were normal because my ligaments were stretched out by my first pregnancy. I haven't found any real relief for the pain, except to avoid making sudden movements. For a while I was using a maternity belt, but it got too hot and I gave up on it. I'm having my baby Wednesday, so I know there will be an end to the pains (and a start to some different ones, for a while). Hope you feel better.


Leahp - August 16

Hi Traci, I'm 35 weeks as well! I've been having the horrible pains shooting in my cervix and v____a area, sometimes it comes as such a surprise I have to bend my legs and put my knees together! I was curious if this might be my cervix beginning to dialate already? I go to the doc next week, so I wonder if he'll check while he does the group B test.


Beth - August 16

I get those type of pains when I am bending down to get something or sitting on the floor and then getting back up, I feel like I got up to fast (even if it is really slow) and I pulled a muscle or something, it always catched me off guard and I am always scared I hurt the baby :0(


kimj - August 16

I get the same pains.... I have it all day. My midwife said to wear a belly bra. I own a childcare and I am on my feet about 12 hours aday. She said it is from the baby putting pressure on everything. This is my second and she said that my have something to do with it. I didnt feel this way with my first. It hurst to even put my panties on. I cant wait to be done. Almost there! My due date is Nov 7th. YIPPEEE!!!


Maria - August 16

I've been having the same pain for about two months. I'm 32 weeks now and I hope I can make it two more months with this aching. I get stiff when I sit for long periods. I was on another message board and some other ladies were having the same problem. One lady said that it was Symphosis Pubis Dysfunction. If you do a google search you will be able to get more info on it. Basically there's not a lot you can do, but you can take extra strength tylenol and that seems to help. The nurse at my Dr.'s office said that I can take ex strength tylenol every 4 hours if needed, but I may take two every other day or so and it seems to help. Good Luck!!



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