Horrible Pains Please Help

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L.L. - March 22

I have been having horrible pains on my right side, just under my br___t. I can't sit straight up, that's when it seems worse. Has anyone else had this? Any suggestions? It hurts so much please help!! Thank you


Toya - March 22

Is it up under your ribs? What other symptoms are you having? That's one of the signs of pre-eclampsia.


Dawn - March 22

I have been having them on my left side -under my ribs....doctor says it's the baby stretching his feet out!!...But the doctor also informed me that pain in the right side (high under the b___st) can indicate a problem with the liver...so please check with your doctor on this one to be safe.


Raj - March 23

It could be gall stones. How many weeks pregnant are you? If u are still having those pains I would suggest to get the first appointment and go to ur doc and get it checked. Gall stones is pretty common in pregnancy and can be extremely painful. Try to stick to a healthy diet. Do not eat outside and fatty food. Sometimes surgery for gall stones needs to be done in the middle of pregnancy. Safest time to do this is second trimester. Ok, lets not jump to conclusions. Get yourself checked right away though. Good luck.


L.L. - March 24

The pain is so bad that I can't really tell if it's under or over my ribs. I have mentioned this to my doctor before and he told me that it was normal- but there is nothing mormal about all this pain. I do realize that aches and pains are to be expected and trust me I am having plenty. But now it even hurts to breathe. I am 36 weeks preggo now- so at least I will be pain free soon.


??? - March 24

call ur doc!


Jenny - March 24

Just your baby getting big and using his feet to kick the hell out of you. Gall stones are common is pregnancy due to an increase in hormones but if your doctor says it's normal, then relax. You only have a few weeks to go and then your clear.


Raj - March 25

My wife's doc said its normal and turned out she had gall stones and needed surgery in her 19th week.


Lori - March 25

I have the same thing. My dr. informed me that it is my baby's bum. You will more than likely have to put up with it until the baby is born.



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