Horrible Stretch Marks What S The Best Solution

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Kelly - December 23

I guess I was one of the unlucky ones who managed to get horrible stretch marks. They're not purple(like i heard some are) but their huge, red, and all over by belly, hips, and even on my lower back(just above my butt). I wanna know what the best stuff to use in order to get rid of them after the baby is born. Also I heard that they will leave perminent marks despite any ab excersices and creams I use. Any help will be appreciated.


Jessica - December 23

I know exactly how you feel. I never had stretch marks until about a month ago. I am using Palmers Cocoa B___ter and it is slowly doing the trick. It doesn't work right away but it lightens them up. :)


mellissa - December 23

Have you already had your baby? They will indeed fade after you give birth (not instantaneously, of course, it takes some time) and they will more than likely be skin colored or silver toned, rather than the nasty red or purple that they are while you are still pregnant. Using creams helps because your skin has been stretched out and the creams help improve it's elasticity, bringing the outlines of the stretch marks closer together rather than keeping them spread out across your stomach. This being said, no cream will ever get rid of them entirely and they will be back with subsequent pregnancies, especially since most women get bigger with their second child. The only sure way to get rid of them for good is with cosmetic surgery. This is more than just an one time visit to the doctors (although it's a procedure that only takes a short period of time) as you need to go back several times. It also costs each time you go. If you have the money for this option, I would recommend waiting until you are done having children as you won't be expanding your abdomen with child any longer. When during your pregnancy did your stretchmarks show up?


TRACI - December 23

I know how you feel I got them bad with this kid. I didnt with my first. Theres this one stuff from avon my sister got me it helps it made most of them go away


Kelly - December 24

Well I can't say exactly when they first started but it was pretty early. I never imagined them to get so bad. I havn't had my baby yet but she's expected any week now. She's not due until the 12th but we expect her early. I don't want to have to do any type of surgery for such a case, especially with this being only my first. I don't expect many more afterwards, but who ever knows exactly until the time comes. I've tried palmers cocoa b___ter in the beginning but it never seemed to slow the process down. Some have told me it worked great for them while others have said it was merly a waist. Besides, concidering the fact that it says it helps "prevent" stretch marks, I think at this stage I'm more concerned about getting rid of them than actually preventing any more (I doubt they could get any worse). I also heard that a lot of it is heireditary, however my mother never had a single one with any of her 4 kids(including myself).


dhollandva - December 24

There is a stretch mark cream available in all GNC health stores. The cream is $150, but is 100% effective. You have to use as directed, but it has worked miracles on a friend of mine. Her stomach stretch marks were awful, and now they no longer exist.


Mellissa - December 24

It's much easier to repair later them then prevent them from coming. Although I've been using Palmers two-three times daily and I'm 32 weeks without them, I think it's more the fact that I haven't gained a lot of weight in my abdominal area that helped. It's more than likely a coincidence 98% of the time when women using creams don't end up with stretchmarks. Probably just as many women start out using the creams but then quit because they end up with them anyway. Genetics (if your Mom was blessed with 'em) do have a lot to do with it as well as the amount of weight you gain but I also know that keeping your skin well hydrated by drinking lot's of fluids helps somewhat. No matter now. As you said, they'll fade from the nasty red color after birth and it is advisable to then apply some cream each day to help your skin regain it's elasticity (along with drinking lot's, especially if you're b___stfeeding!)


Kelly - December 25

Well it seems like now my only option is to wait until after the baby and see exactly how better they appear. If not drinking enough water had something to do with it, then that just might have been part of the problem. I really havnt gained all that much wait (starting from 175lbs, dropping about 10lbs, and now at my final weeks I average about 181lbs), so I really dont think that was it either. Although the cream mentioned from GNC seems highly tempting, I think I'll just try drinking lots of water first and applying a simple cream (someone told me aloe E I believe it was works pretty good). If that doesn't work then I guess my only option is to try the expensive one. I only hope it works for that amount of money. I was wondering if excercising will help do the trick. I figure if it tightens my ab muscles it must work some. But thanks for all the advice everyone, it sure put me at a lot of ease!


Mel - January 11

I started using olive oil all over my body the day I found out I was pregnant, and I have not yet had one stretch mark! The oil prevents your skin from drying and becoming itchy as well.


belgian - January 12

I am 38 weeks now and havent had one stretch mark on my belly yet..I started out at 120lbs and now weigh 142..I do the occa__sional creaming but rarely...I dont itch much either....however, ive had stretch marks before my pregnancy on my b___t, lower back, hips, and thighs all my life since like age 13. Weird that I never got them on my belly, but my mother never got them herself anywhere! Could just be my weight loss and gain thru this pregnancy. The olive oil I nbever heard of...good idea! I do notice that once I lose a lot of weight, the marks seem less to the eye. But are still there of course.


Mellissa - January 12

Your skin is made up of several layers. ANY cream, even ones specifically aimed at pregnant women, only penetrate the first layers of skin. This isn't much help when ALL of the layers of skin are effected by stretchmarks. If this wasn't the case, the stretchmarks would disappear 100% after the pregnancy. Lack of elasticity in your skin is the sole reason for getting stretchmarks and once your skin is at it's breaking point, either from to much weight gain or just the average expansion of pregnancy, it's going to create stretch marks. Some women just genetically have more elastic skin (which is why, if your Mother had 'em, you're more likely to get 'em too) but people with better diets and lot's of fluid intake can also work things in their favor, despite genetics.


lilmama - January 17

Try mederma, it worked great for me you can find it at walmart


bry - January 17

mellisa at 15:14 stated pretty much exactly what I was thinking, either you get them or you dont. If you are bound to get the stretch marks you will, even if you apply cream every single day. I am an unfortunate person that has a belly covered with stretch marks. There is no way to prevent. Either your skin stretches good or it doesnt, there are creams like mederma that may help reduce the appearance. If you want to rid completely you would most likely have to have surgery. Although it is sad to look at your body covered with marks, it is all worth it in the end.



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