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BWIND - January 27

How many outfits did you guys pack for your little one in the hospital? I'm trying to figure out all i need for the baby.


DB - January 27

I packed 2 NB sized outfits and one 0-3 (she'll go home in 1 of these 3). I also packed 2 or 3 onsies. I guess usually they're swaddled in blankets while at the hospital. I'd like to hear what other's did too, because I'm not sure I packed the right stuff!!


JEN - January 27

sounds great! You really only need an outfit to take them home in- they usually keep them in a t-shirt and swaddle in the hospital...oh- and maybe some socks...


Jadejewels - January 27

socks, One or two gowns just incase you'd like to put something besides the t-shirts the hospital provides on the baby. the baby really does only need one outfit though to come in.


maknyle - January 28

When I had my son I took socks, the hand sock things and 2 onesies and a few gowns. I used the gowns a lot. I realy liked them. I will use them again. I took 2 onesies because I figured I would pick the best one once I saw him. I also took a few socks and a few of my own blankets. This time I am going to take some of my own baby wipes also. At the hospital I was at they just gave us some very hard paper towels to wet. They weren't soft at all. I also think I am taking my nursing pillow this time. Hope that helps out.


dueJan1607 - January 29

I would pack 2 outfits for your little one and some type of snowsuit. I guess it depends on how long your stay will be. I was in the hospital for 24 hours after she was born. I packed way too much stuff. I actually only needed a going home outfit. But I think it's wise to pack 2 outfits just in case there are complications and you need to stay a day or two longer. For the rest I also took socks, although I like little tights better, they seem to stay on better, some receiving blankets and a cute little hat! Good luck!


luckynik - January 29

Make sure you take at least one blanket to swaddle baby in, because many hospitals will not allow you to take baby home in hospital blanket. Our hospital says it is a security measure.



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