Hospital Bag

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Deidra - December 8

I've made a list of things that I'm suppose to pack for my hospital bag. Do you think I'm missing anything? What else is everyone bringing? 1. underwear 2. pads 3. diapers 4. toothbrush/paste 5. lotion 6. shampoo/cond 7. Q-tips 8. warm baby blanket 9. baby outfit for going home in 10. nursing bra 11. baby bottle? 12. robe/slippers 13. socks 14 makeup 15. brush 22. hair dryer


Lorie - December 8

Camera and calling card. A lot of hosptials don't allow cell phones, or your signal may be weak in the hospital so it might be nice to have a calling card for backup. I've also packed nursing pads, and sis-in-law suggested an extra outfit or onesie for the baby.


Lorie - December 8

Oh, and also an extra outfit for your support person and some change for vending machines.


sara - December 8

baby lotion for the baby, the hospital will not give you any and my little girls feet were so dry the cracked and bled.


Skyla - December 8

A going home outfit for yourself. I guess they say something that you would have worn around your 5th or 6th month.


Charity - December 8

Do they let you take a bath? I was always told you have to wipe off with a rag.


Natalie - December 8

you need more clothes for baby than that, because they may keep you in. you wont need a baby bottle, because they have premade sterile bottles of baby milk, so if you choose not to b___stfeed they will have them there for your use. i would definately take lots of body bits with you as you will want to be as clean as can be after you have given birth. you may consider some maternity nighties or nursing nighties. b___st pads. baby shampoo, and charity, they usually ask you to have a bath within a few hours of giving birth, so you leave labour/ delivery suite, bathe and go to the ward (thats what its like in england anyway)


lisa - December 8

yes you get a bath


Ang - December 8

I'm in Ontario Cnd and while at the hospital they supply everything that you'll need for your baby as well as a few things for yourself (menstrual pads, toiletries ect). I don't know where you are but I'm bring the standard list of items that they give out at the pre-natal cla__ses: pjs, clothes for my dh, list of to-call numbers, change for pay phones (though they have courtesy phones in the rooms here), socks, baby's going hom clothes, popsicles (which they also supply along with other fluids and jellos), hairbrush, carseat, winter blanket, a few receiving blankets, mp3 player, extra batteries and my cell phone charger.


shelbi - December 8

you should really have several outfits for the baby. premie, nb, 0-3 months. you never know what size they'll be!! LOL also.. a BIRTH PLAN that clearly outlines exactly what you're expecting from the hospital. circ_mcision (yes/no?), episiodomy (yes/no?), the ability to walk around.. the ability to eat food during labor.. etc.


Angela - December 8

If your hair is long - you may want something to tie it up. Also, something for the coach/partner to read, etc. if there's any waiting time - but something you both like cause maybe he/she could read to you. Extra film if your camera is not digital. Change for vending machines. A ma__sager for your back (I just learned about putting 2 tennis b___s in a sock and rolling it up and down the spine... heaven!) Or if heat is your back ache cure - something you can nuke like a sock full of rice (2 min in the micorwave and instant heating pad...again... heaven!)


Dina - December 9

i'm bringing a hairdryer and a boppy pillow for nursing- last time i ended up with a c-section and it would have been easier to nurse with the boppy if i had one.


lynnstress - December 9

I always overpack, and this trip is no exception! We will also bring some playing cards and a notepad, I'm packing 4 pr socks and underwear just in case, and some snacks for me and hubby.


Charity - December 9

Thanks Lisa. I wasn't sure. I can't stand going w/o bathing.


j - December 9

extra batteries, extra film, games, snack (for birthing partner), calling card, towel for ride to car so you don't get the seat yucky, baby book (if you want them to put baby's foot prints in). We've pack a plain white t-shirt of my husband's so we can have them put foot prints on it.


Dani - December 9

Here at our hospital they suggest 2 outfits, one to go home in and a spare in case they dirty it before making it out the door or a mess occurs on the way home. At our hospital they do not allow you to put your own clothes on baby while you are in the hosp. they keep the baby in a onesie. J- that is such a neat idea about the plain white shirt w/prints. Does the ink fade when you wash it?


Dani - December 9

Oh, my list from the hosp for baby said, "Diaper bag, Diapers,wipes,2 outfits,3 recieving blankets, 1 heavy blanket, socks, hat and i think that was about it"



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