Hospital Bag For Scheduled C Section

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orie - May 7

Im scheduled for a c section and was wondering what i needed to pack for the hospital? I dont know if theres a diffrence in packing for a c section and a va___al birth...but i just need to know asap ...incase i still need to make a stop to purchase anything im missing..Thanks


Jenn - May 7

yeah-I am having a scheduled c on June first and I am taking extra clothes this time cause you'll stay longer than a v____al. I plan on staying in the hospital gown the first two days though. I am bringing a blanket for DH and a pillow cause last time the hospital stuff just about broke his neck and he froze to death. I am taking a bag of change for the vending for DH cause they don't really give snacks. I am taking my own pillows-extra socks-like 5 pairs-they might get gross, etc. And Big undies about 5 pairs. Thats all I got thats different from a v____al stay. When's yours?


Jenn - May 7

Also, don't forget to take your own bath room stuff and stuff for the baby of course.


Been There - May 7

I say you can pack snacks. That's what I plan to do. It saves money and you know you'll like the snacks. Maybe some things I can drink. I'm sure they'll provide ice. And because I'm staying so long, I'm even taking a personal DVD player and some movies. I hate being in the hospital so long, especially with only 3 channels to watch. Because it's hard to get out of the bed constantly to freshen, Listerine strips may be good for freshening breath and hard candy to suck on.


krnj - May 7

I had my mom go out and get me flip flops for the shower while I was in after the c-section. I had my own room which was nice but hospital showers kind of gross me out for some reason. Good luck!


3babies - May 8

Hi Orie I've had two c/s, and the one big difference is getting the big high waisted knickers ... ugly I know, but the bikini type sit right on the scar line and irritate it. Darker colour is usually good to because of stains ... not that you'll be keeping those s_xy things for long I know! I also found a v shaped pillow great for b___stfeeding, but also to help you get comfortable those first few days when you cant lie flat. Something that helped me when my scar felt irritated was placing a pad over the top of it under my knickers, it was much more comfortable. Good luck, and good recovery!



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