Hospital Bag Items To Prepare For New Baby

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Sandra - May 27

Hi Veteran moms, Please post items needed for 0-3 months to prepare for our first child's arrival (due end of July). Feeding bottles, infant diapers, crib, cradle, diaper bag, wipes, any creams? Please help...we want to buy it all in one weekend shopping spree..


Jennifer - May 27

You have a pretty good list started there, but I will add Car Seat, Stroller, receiving blankets (I use these as burp cloths) face cloths, baby soap, I also use a mild laundry detergent for baby's clothes, something like Ivory is good, a pacifier if you are planning on using one. You should have a thermometer, you could get a little baby first aid kit together. Baby fingernail clippers, ummmmmm, that is all I can think of right now. I will post more if I think of anything else


Christina - May 27

crib sheets, might need lots of those. t-shirts, socks, bath tub...


sandra - May 27

Thanks, I was also told that having a breatfeeding cream and using a couple of weeks before due date is helpful to ease the initial pain. anything needed for the delivery process itself that might help - but won't be provided by the hospital?


Christina - May 27

I'd take a few of your own pillows, the ones at the hospital are kind of itchy. Take some hard candy too. Definitely get some breat cream, nursing pads, b___st pump and nursing bras if you are going to b___st feed!!


hello - May 27

Hospital bag: Hair brush, comb, make up, your favorite soap, deodorant, tooth brush, tooth paste, underwear, clothes for you and baby to go home in(Don't bring anything of value)......Baby need: pampers, ba__sinet/crib, clothing, diaper wipes, bottles( Playtex is good) changing table, bedding, burb clothes, formula/ This is what you will probably need at first. You can always get more later. I learned this after two babies. Good Luck!!! Congrats!!


nelly - May 28

dont forget infant tylenol, gas drops and such i made sure that i registerd for those things, baby will need those soon. and definetly take your own pillows to the hospital and warm socks!!it gets very chilly.


Amaya's mommy - May 28

Hi! We have a 3 week old baby and here is the stuff we have used so far... Clothes (I recommend getting gowns that cover their hands for hospital and even for home) hats, socks, diapers (we love pampers) wipes (dido on pampers again) lotion (baby is very dry first few weeks) baby soap, wash cloths, hooded towels, finger nail clippers, onesies, car seat, stroller, bibs, burp cloths, crib, sheets, pack n play (or ba__sinet) for baby to sleep in your room, thermometer, wipe warmer, blankets, diaper bag, bottles (LOVE PLAYTEX NURSER), pacifiers, camera, film, b___st pump, nursing pads, milicon drops (for gas) I PROMISE YOU WILL THANK ME LIKE THE FIRST COUPLE OF NIGHTS HOME!, boppy pillow, baby sling (my baby LOVES it) baby detergent (All is good) if you are going to formula feed I suggest getting some nursery water, bath tub, books to read to your little one, the hospital will provide some of this stuff, such as diaper bag, thermometer, nose sucker thingie (cant ever remember what it is called) OH YEAH get a baby book! Have everyone write in it when they come visit the hospital, that way you dont have to remember who all came, and the baby will have something special from everyone when they get older, also they will put their foot/hand prints in for you! Sorry I keep going and going and going but I know how you feel, its kind of crazy the last couple of months, als o we have a diaper genie, alot of moms dont like them, but we live for it, it. If you have any questions just ask away! There are plenty of moms here to lend some advice!


Lucky1 - May 31

Hi Amaya's Mommy, Congrats on the birth of your Baby girl....I just wanted to say that I picked out the exact same name for my daughter,,,, I plan on naming her Amaya Nicole..... My DD is 9/11/05.



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