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Rainbowbrite - February 14

I was just wondering if your husbands stayed the night in the hospital with you or did they go home for the night and just come back in the morning or the next day? I was just wondering because i talked to my sweetheart about it and his job is relatively new! although he'll get time off (not much) and it won't be paid... we have decided that he will stay in the hospital with me (although i think i'd rather him go home and be comfortable) but he is still gonna get up and go to work the day/s that i am in the hospital and then take a few days off when i get released from the hospital. He is not going to be comfortable and he will probably be restless in the hospital and not fit so well in the sleeping chair or whatever he is given to sleep in being that he is 6'5 and 300+lbs.. so i am thinking i'll push for him to go home but i know he will want to stay! but it just made me curious as to how everyone else is doing it and what your situations are! I don't really know what to expect from the stay at the hospital!


sarah21 - February 14

A lot of hospitals have a fold-out bed in the suite you will stay in. A lot of men like to stay with their women, and more importantly, you don't want to be left all alone (at least I wouldn't). And chances are you'll be released the next day from the hospital if you have a v____al delivery without complications so he'll only need to suffer one night. :) I would ask your Dr. for more details about what will be available for your sweetie to sleep in and go from there.


Rainbowbrite - February 14

That is true! We're actually suppose to go and get a tour of the hospital sometime here in the next week or two... SO... maybe that will persuade me. i just don't want him to be wiped out at work and i also don't want him to be drained before we even come home!!! but i do know he wants to be there with us because i want the baby to stay in the room with us too... But i do sure hope we can be released the following day! that would be lovely! you're right though! I should check into that!!! =)


sarah21 - February 14

I know here at our local hospital, if you have your baby before midnight you'll be released by noon the next day if everything looks good. He'll be so excited to have a new baby I bet you won't even be able to get him to leave. And it's just one day-- a day that will never exist again. :) I say let him be wiped out, lol. Then again I am selfish that way.


cors1wfe - February 14

Ok dont' laugh - but I had my baby at a Catholic hospital where dads aren't allowed to stay - well my mom-in-law was a nurse in the postpartum dept and got me my own room so he could stay and since she was well liked the other nurses pretended that they couldn't see him - well about an hour or 2 after we decided to go to sleep I got up to nurse the baby and he sprawled out in my bed and I woke him up and sent him home so I could get some sleep - they really didn't have a fold out bed and we only lived 2 miles from there - So I woke him up and said - babe - I think it will be better for you to go home and get some good sleep so we both wont' be exhausted when I get home - once he left I got my bed back and slept great...LOL most non catholic hospitals have those chairs for dads...but I say let them go home if they want so they can really be rested and a good help when you and your little one go home.


Krissy25 - February 14

My dh is such a sweetie, he stayed with me every night, i think it was 4 nights. I know he wasn't comfortable even though it was one of those couches designed to be a bed, plus he was freezing b/c it was right next to the a/c unit but he really wanted to be with us and in the end i'm glad he stayed. I had a c-section and one night i woke up in horrible pain and couldn't move, i know there are nurses and everything there but it was just nice for him to be there and take care of me.


jennifer_33106 - February 14

My husband is going to stay with me too. They have like sarah said fold out beds and pillows and stuff for them. Ill have to be there at least 2 days. Its nice because we live about 40 miles or so from the hospital and I cant see him trying to drive back and forth all the time. Also I want him there for comfort. And to follow the nurses around when they take my baby girl to go do tests and such. But yeah he will be there with me. :)


surewinwilliams - February 14

I am not sure who will stay with me this time! My hubby stayed with my first, but now I think he should be home at night with our 2.5 year old. I won't be alone though. I will have my mom stay with that allowed? I hope so. Maybe I should do it the other way around..I just don't know!!!


swollenangel - February 16

The hospital im at doesnt allow anyone to stay wit u (unless u giving birth that night) and im quite glad they dont, because after a really long (or even short) labour ur totally knackered,not 2mention if uv had any drugs 4the labour! Im glad my dh got 2go home,get sum decent rest & join me & lo next mrng totally refreshed! Like u,we both initially wanted him to stay over wit me,now wit hindsight we glad he didnt. Well,thats just my opinion =)


treshala - February 16

the hospital where im delivering provides a fold out bed as well. You are thinking of him now but you probably will want him there once the baby comes and he will want to stay too im sure :-) I think he'll be ok girl :-) us women do worry though lol. PLUS you will have SEVERAL sleepless nights to come so...he's a man he can handle it lol


treshala - February 16

JENN??!!! YOU HAVE TO DRIVE 40 MILES TO THE HOSPITAL??? OMG THATS SCARY LOL. Girl my hospital is like...7-9 minutes away


cayingo - February 16

The hospital where I will deliver is set up more like the birthing center were I had our DD 7 years ago. It is very family centered. My DH is staying with me on a pull-out sofa (the room is much like a living room w/ wood floors, sofa, chairs, a flat screen tv etc). My Mom will bring our 7yo DD to visit, but take her home to sleep at our house at night.


corbin289 - February 16

My dh has stayed with me with my first two and will this time also. They really arent as comfortable as at home but neither are you :) If they want to stay let them because its nice to have the extra help!


coco797 - February 16

My dh stayed with me the whole time. I was in the hospital for 3 nights. The only time he left me was to go to the hospital cafeteria and to go outside to smoke a quick cigarette once or twice a day. I'm so glad that he was there. I wouldn't want to be in the hospital all alone, and I ended up having an emergency c-section, so he was really helpful. It was hard for me to get out of bed so he changed dd's diapers and helped bring her to me for feedings. The fold out bed was ok for him, but he probably wasn't the most comfortable, being that he's about 5'9" and about 250 lbs. But he never complained and just did whatever he could to make sure I was ok. Plus, the nurses there taught him how to change diapers and bathe the baby.


DDT - February 16

My labour lasted 19hrs...started at 4am and ended at 11pm. We were both tired at the end of it all. By 1am I sent my df home thinking it would be more comfortable for him than a fold-out bed. Well, let me say it was the worst decision I ever made! I ended up calling him in tears at 6am to come to the hospital and help me. My ds did not sleep one wink and cried constantly. He would sleep in 10-15min bouts and I was up and down on my feet alot. My epi hadn't even worn off completely...and I was very sore...2nd degree internal and external tears....add in complete exhaustion from the labour. Now I am preggers for the 2nd time and df has sworn that he will be staying with me this time.


DDT - February 16

BTW my stay in the hospital lasted 2 days....v____al birth.


ErinP - February 18

My husband stayed with me too, and it was so great for both of us. I was there for 3 nights, and it was like being in a little cocoon with our new baby, we loved it! He didn't mind the fold out bed at all, although he can sleep anywhere. We're both sad that this time he'll have to be home with our 2-year-old so I'll have to stay at the hospital by myself.



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