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Germs - October 12

One thing that I am a freak about is germs. Yes my mom and dad will come after I have the baby and my MIL will be bringing my son. But my sisters will probably wait until after the baby comes home because they all have school age children that harbor germs. The last thing you need with flue season approaching is a bunch of people carrying germs around your new baby. Call me paranoid but I was the same way with my 3 year old and still am. If I know someone has a cold they don't enter my house. My son has hardly been sick due to my paranoia! I thought we were talking about visiting and the delivery? It is also important for visitors to call ahead. I would rather have the visitors in the hospital because once you get home you are going to want to rest and adjust.


rae - October 12

quick question, kind of the opposite of everything in here.. if i WANT someone in the room, and they want to be there, can someone who isnt "family" and isnt my boyfriend be in the room too? my best friend is all i have right now, and she wants to be there, and i dont know if i could make it through without her... just wondering...


its - October 12

rae- It's your choice. The person doesn't have to be blood. You decide!


pbj - October 12

rae...I too believe it is your choice who you want in there. All doctors are different though, so I would ask ahead of time just in case.


L - October 12

My mom and my husband will be with me in the birthing room. My dad, my sister, brother-in-law, three nieces aged 17, 16, and 14, my mother-in-law, my father-in-law, and a couple friends plan to be at the hospital in the waiting room. I don't mind them being at the hospital they won't be in the room with me anyway. I know they just love us and want to be close to offer their support. I have already addressed the issue of not wanting a crowd at the birth with them, mostly they didn't plan to but did have a talk with my big sis.



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