Hospitalized For High Blood Pressure

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Scared - August 27

I am 36 weeks pregnant and I went in for my regular check up 2 days ago and they told me I had high blood pressure so they put me in the hospital, but they did an ultrasound, blood tests, and unrine tests and they monitered my blood pressure and the baby's heart rate and said that all the tests and everything looked normal and after 12 hours they let me go home. they put me on bed rest and a no salt diet.......I'm trying to stay calm but I'm getting scared, they really didn't tell me too much, so I don't even really know what they were testing me for, but has anyone else had this happen to them and they have a healthy baby and an okay delivery? am I going to be okay? This is my first baby, and I'm a little scared.


Beth - August 27

Scared, I too have been diagnosed with high blood pressure. The reason that they put you in the hospital is to monitor how the baby is reacting to your high blood pressure. They test your urine for protein to see if you have preeclampsia. This tells them if your kidneys and other organs are working okay. If you dont mind me asking what was your blood pressure? I take medication three times daily for high blood pressure and I go to the hospital twice a week for non stress tests to make sure the baby is okay. Oh, I am currently 34 weeks. My blood pressure is in the 150's over 90's every time I go to the docs. My doctor put me on bed rest to try and keep it down. If it gets too high then he told me he would have to deliver because it puts me at risk for seizures(sp). Don't worry to much about it. I know its hard but the more you worry the higher your blood pressure is going to get. Trust me! Anyways keep me posted on how you are doing because me and you are in the same situation.


Jbear - August 28

I had my first daughter at 36 weeks because of high blood pressure. She spent 10 days in intensive care, and has been perfectly healthy ever since. I had my second baby at 37 weeks 3 days, again because of my blood pressure. She's healthy enough that my husband was able to hold her right after she was born, and I was able to keep her in my hospital room for my entire stay. My doctor had wanted to deliver her at 36 weeks too, but I asked him to wait a little longer, so maybe she wouldn't have to be in intensive care like my first. Twelve hours after I had her, my blood pressure was back to normal. It's amazing how much bed rest can really help control your blood pressure. I know it's hard to make yourself actually do it, but it works. You're lucky too that your blood pressure rose so late in your pregnancy. Mine was high from 24 weeks on, with my second pregnancy, and from 15 weeks with my first.


Jenn - August 29

I wouldn't worry too much scared because that only makes your Blood Pressure worse. You are far enough along at this point that you can go ahead and deliver your baby without major complications. Anymore they consider 37 weeks full-term. I would just go home take it easy and do as the doctor says, if it goes up again they will induce the pregancy. You are almost over it and you will be fine.


Tiffany - August 29

I am being induced Wed b/c of high blood pressure. I will be 37.5 weeks. I hope my baby doesn't have to go to ISU. I guess my Dr. thinks it's okay.


Jessica - August 29

I am dealing with the same problem. My doctor has not but me on best rest, but each time I go to see him I have ratings anywhere from 140-170 over 70-90. I have to do bi-weekly NST's at the hospital. Everytime I go to the hospital my blood pressure looks fine. I sometimes think that my doctor's machines are off.



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