Hot Baths Heard It Induces Labor

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gina143 - March 7

Im not trying to induce labor... but I heard that hot baths can? did anyone else hear this? what is it about baths.. that starts labor?


Cevvin - March 7

i think that is just a serious wives tale. I take a hot shower every night,cuz its the only thing that helps me calm down to go to bed, and puts the baby asleep long enough for me to get to sleep.


ejmeskan - March 7

Gina- I am going to take a hot bath right now!!! You just need to be careful how hot the bath is because it can raise your body temp and that can be hard on the baby- but you are fine!!! And I haven't heard it induces labor!


aayyeennaa - March 8

I want to share the story of my sister in law after her ironing for hours she rest and take a plunge on their jacuzzi with a hot to warm water stay ther for hours the night after that her water broke then she head to the hospital but she go on l;abor almost 24 hours after that meaning the following day. Somewhat can induce but I think the pressure of water on the jacuzzi induce labor it might pin some pressure points in the body. thats why ma__sages should avoid during pregnancy especially if the ma__seurs doesnt know the strokes and pressure for pregnant woman.


gina143 - March 8

Oh good! I enjoy taking baths after a long day.. I would hate to give them up!!


Taylors mama - March 8

I don't know if a HOT bath is a good idea (I guess alright if it isn't too hot!) You don't want your body temp to get too high because that isn't good for baby or you,! I don't know if it helps to induce labor but it will make you a little more comfortable...I'm in my 37th week, and I take about 3 baths a day sometimes!! It helps with soreness...Another thing that kind of helps for back pain, and it might sound funny, but if you have a warm shower and get on your hands and knees or even bend over a bit (if possible!!!) the water hits your back and makes it feel better!!!!


ejmeskan - March 8

I was just at the doctor's and was telling him about my hot bath's (which are obviously within reason-no over cooking the little babe!) and he said bath's are a GREAT idea. You know your own body- just use your own judgement!! :) And I slept so AWESOME last night!!!


xoxticiaxox - March 8

Im glad I reads this one, Im going to try the bath thing for pain. lol


PrincessesMom - March 9

With my second baby I had Braxton Hicks so often and so strong that I had a very hard time sleeping. My OB told me to soak in a warm bath and it would help them ease up and/or stop. She said if the contractions were the real thing that the warm water would help them to get stronger and more frequent. It worked for me. Every night before bed I would saok until I could go to bed, then one morning they didn't go away. They gradually started getting stronger and my dd was born that afternoon. It doesn't start labor, but it really does speed it up!


cubbie - March 11

When I asked my doctor about taking a hot bath during pregnancy he said to make sure that the water wasn't hotter than 37 degrees, not because it induces labour but because it can raise the blood pressure, so I wouldn't recommend it!


PrincessesMom - March 11

37 degrees would practically be an ice cube. Just use your best judgement, make sure it is cooler than a hot tub.


cjone - March 11

I think cubbie is talking about 37 celsius.


Allypants0_1 - March 11

People in the US are so ignorant sometimes...


flappergirl - March 11

gina... the bloodpreasure point is spot on. You'll see that in many books. A good idea is to keep the bathroom door open so that some of the room's heat can escape or to keep your bath time down to no more than 15 minutes. Really, you just want to make sure that you're never uncomfortable... so feeling too warm or too faint... since that means baby is probably uncomfortable too.


cubbie - March 12

Sorry yes I was talking celcius (I'm not in the US) but 37c is basically body temp the same as 98.6 which is the same temp as you run a bath for a baby!


aliciavr6 - March 12

I take a hot bath every single night, I have since I found out I was pregnant at 5 weeks. As long as your entire body isn't submerged for a really long period of time, I don't think they are harmful. My belly usually is popping out of the water now anyway. I haven't heard of baths inducing labor.


pebblesnbambam - March 12

This is not a wives tale... When I was in preterm labor and having preterm contractions my doctor forbid me from taking a hot bath... I think for NORMAL pregnancies you are just fine... I think for those with "special circ_mstances" always ask your doctor.



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