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Cassie - November 6

I am 34 weeks and I am having a argument with my aunt about being able to go in the hot tub. Can I or Cant I????


Samantha - November 6

Nope...So sorry, Ca__sie...It's not good for you to go into hot tubs! Not only is it too hot for the little one, there are lots of germs that could sneak their way into your body, that could make for nasty things! :( sorry


to Ca__sie - November 6

My doctor is extremely conservative and told me that I could use my hot tub over this past summer provided the temperature was not over 100. I used mine on occasion, most recently the week before I delivered but set it at 95 which is below my body temperature. I don't know if I would have used a public one due to the possiblity of germs but if you know that the water is well chlorinated, you may be okay. I had my baby recently and he is just fine.


Cher - November 6

We have our own hot tub and I went in on occasion too. I think if you don't totally submerge yourself in the water and get out when you are too warm, that it is fine. I wouldn't use a public one though.


patty - November 7

doctor said ok on the hottub thing....he said they did a test in california and area known to have more hottubs per capita....and found no reason you could not get in hottub as long as you were careful. I have one at home and specifically asked last time at the dr ( the dr I asked is one of best in group and high risk dr) He said do not let jets shoot inside you because you do not want pressurized air up there...and do not get too hot takes a litte for your internal body temp to go up and when it does you sweat so......if you start to sweat you are getting to hot so hop out and cool down....basically just keep your body temp down...I set mine on 98 degrees cause body temp is normal 98.7 degree and I have not ever broke a sweat.....have fun hottubbing


Angela - November 14

you can, as long as you keep it below 100 degrees. It's best to avoid hot tubs altogether in the first trimester though.


Jennifer - November 14

Hi Ca__sie, I think it woud be okay as long as your not boiling yourself. You can tell when you're getting to hot. As for germs, i think that is a myth. otherwise we would not be able to swim or bath in a tub. I've always heard that water will not enter the v____a unless it's forced up there.


Beth - November 14

After 14 weeks your allowed to go into a hot tub for up to 20 minutes, as long as you don't start sweating. Your body temp shouldn't raise to more then 102, and as long as your not letting the jet pump into, which causes pressure and is forbidden, your ok, the only time you should be worried about being in water and germs getting up there is after your waters broken, before that your in the clear!



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