How Accurate Are The Quot Tape Quot Measurements

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Buffi R. - September 19

I'm 26w0d today, so a little early to be asking questions on the 3rd tri board, but I'm hoping you ladies can help. I just had an OB check up today and with the tape measure, I'm measuring 30 weeks. Two weeks ago at my last check up, I thought the doctor said I was measuring about 25 weeks (I was 24 weeks along then), so I wasn't worried about that one, but today's measurement has me freaked out. Also, apparently I misunderstood her last time, because 29 weeks was written in my chart for last time, not 25. My due date is very accurate because we based it on my ovulation date. I have some "tummy pudge" above my navel, so I'm hoping she just measured too high and included some of my own fat along with the uterine height. I'm having a growth U/S in two weeks to check the actual size. I'm a type 1 diabetic, and my blood sugars have been good, but maybe not as good as I think. Has anyone else measured really big but turned out to have a normal sized baby?


January - September 19

The tape measurements are pretty inaccurate, alot of OB offices and midwives don't even do them for this reason. There are many things to consider when going by these measurements.. the amount of weight you've gained during pregnancy, your prepregnancy weight and or body type, and the position of the baby... it's nothing to worry about. The u/s will be much more accurate and even that can be off by a pound or more in guestimate of baby's weight.


aubjenwat - September 22

my doc said that it is some what accurate, because the're measuring from the top of your uterus, they can feel where your uterus is and tell how far along you are. maybe not to the day but there pretty accurate!


lil-miss-saunders - September 22

I last got measured when i was 31 weeks and was measuring at 27. For this reason i have to have another scan this tuesday. Im not sure how accurate these readings are but im hoping everything is ok. I'll let you know how it goes. x


WORRIEDMOMOF3 - September 22

i was wondering the same things because at my last two appts i was measuring 4w ahead. i was 25w and measuring 29w now im 28 wks and measuring 32w. im already high risk becasue of the seizure medication i take so for that reason-i hope- i have to have a scan every week from 30w on. hopefully all is okay. im really scared though because ive been doing research and it mainly says extra amniotic fluid which means something could be wrong becasue hes not swallowing corrextly then.. im so scared i hope its not i hope he is just gonna be a big baby, but im all belly i dont think i even look 29w.


searfoss6 - September 22

I don't think they are accurate at all. I had an ultrasound at 31 weeks and it measured me at 34w5d and they just said my baby was going to be big, and when I had a doctors appointment a couple days later she used a tape measure and said I measured 31 weeks. I would go by what your ultra sound says in two weeks because my ds was 8lbs. 3.5 ounces at birth.



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