How Big Is Too Big

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olhdw101 - June 30

At what size will they opt for you to have a c-section, my doctor has scheduled me for a ultrasound to get a more accurate size of this baby…he says she is huge. Anyone deliver 9lbs+ babies?


Angiconda - June 30

I have a friend who delivered 2 10lb girls v____ally and I also work with a lady who delivered a 9.5 lb. I think it will depend on your size and your bady as well your doctor shouold be able to tell you what is best


luvmyboys - July 1

I've had two big ones. My second son was 9 lbs 8 oz and my third was 9 lbs 15 oz. I am 5'4'' and usually about 130 lbs. With the last one I didn't even tear and my recovery time was amazingly fast. It is possible! I wonder too at what size to they deem it impossible to deliver v____ally....but I hope to never find out from experience!! :) And also, they can't always guess the weight accurately while the baby is still inside, even with an ultrasound. Good luck!


sophandbob - July 1

My mum did - me! i was 9lb 8. My cousin was a rediculous size 11lb something. Both done in the usual way - and without anything other than gas and air. Have been told that my baby is going to be big. I am 29 weeks and he is already the size of a 35 week baby. Guess this is payback for me being so big!!


AmandaManns - July 1

I delivered my son v____ally and he was 10 lbs even. No it wasn't easy, and I had to have some a__sistance with that vacc_m, but it was better than a c-section. Also my recovery was wonderful, I felt like I could run a marathon the day I brought him home from the hospital, I only had to have a few st_tches and the nurses were all amazed that I did not get any hemmoroids. So I think as long as they feel you are wide enough to deliver they are going to try it v____ally first, then if you cannot do it that way then they will opt for a c-section. Also I had an ultrasound done and it said that Kale was going to be 8 lbs....imagine the look on my doctors face lol.


sophandbob - July 1

talking about this issue with my friend. I'm worried about the size mine is going to be, but talking to her ... her son was 10lb 10, and 2 foot long!!! Makes your eyes water just thinking about it.


DinaAW - July 1

I know several people who have delivered 8,9, and 10 lb. babies v____ally and with or without an epidural. I think it really depends on the position of the baby and your size.


Hollie - July 1

My baby was 11 pounds 3 ounces and I had a c-section. The doctor estimated my baby would be 7 pounds!


Tanna - July 1

It all depends on your body. The baby has to be able to fit, so if the Dr. thinks baby won't fit, c-section it is. They used to x-ray women to see the baby's head in relation to her hips, but decided that was not really accurate enough, and maybe not too good for the baby. I think they still do that sometimes now, but rarely. Anyway, I know a kid who weighed 14 lbs. when he was born. Now that's big!


Mommy - July 2

I have a friend who's mom had a child that was 12lb 9oz v____ally! No epidural, no c-section, in labor 3 hours and pushed 4 times. It was also her 11th child, though. I was amazed. I would have died!


melanie - July 2

I just had my daughter 2 weeks ago and she was 11lbs 1oz. Dr's never mentioned anything about size and c-section. I had her v____allly without any complications or having to have an episiotimy but did need only 2 stiches from a tear.


Kara H. - July 2

We are having a very big boy. They are estimating upwards of 10lbs if I go full term. We had a 4D u/s done at 31wks and he was huge then. He thighs look like man thighs - not scrawny newborn legs and fat dimples on his knuckles and toes. My doctor said that since his head size is in the 90 percentile they would not let me go past 38wks due to my small frame. They are also doing an u/s at 36wks and possibly a pelvic x-ray if she thinks he is too big for me. If the x-ray shows that my pelvis is too small then we will schedule a c-section. If my pelvis looks to be big enough we would proceed with a v____al birth, but have me pre-sign the c-section papers incase he gets stuck.


tryingx3 - July 2

Wonderful discussion...I have wondered the same thing...was measuring 4 weeks ahead at last appt. Her head measurement was 2 weeks ahead at last u/s but everything was within the right range (upper but in range)...she was 2lbs at 25 wks...which if I understood correctly was close to the 90% then.


olhdw101 - July 6

Well… ultrasound predicted my girl being 10lbs 3oz @38.5 weeks. He gave me the option of a c-section or attempting to deliver v____ally, I decided to go with the c-section as much as I don’t want surgery, I had a hard time delivering my 1st and she was only 8lbs 1oz, her poor little head was black and blue from being a__sisted from the vacuum. So I go for my section on my due date which is July 17th , Im scared to know how much she will weigh then. Im almost wondering if maybe I do have GD and it was missed at the last test at 26 weeks?


honeybea - July 6

I was 9 lbs 11oz and 22 1/2 inches long- My mom had me v____ally with no meds or epidural - She said I popped right out- Although I did break my collar bone coming down the birth ca___l.


lexa - July 8

Oh my god this topic here scares me!!! I thought I had a rough time with my son who only weight 7lbs 13 oz (4th degree tear and st_tches out the wazoo). Now that I'm on my 2nd, I'm already scared to death. I could never in a million years deliver anything bigger....let alone 10 plus pound baby. My friend however did deliver a 10 pound baby naturally. And he had a huge head (good lord). She did fine. Some people can take it and some cant. (guess you can tell I cant). But a c-section will depend on your body and if you will be able to deliver naturally or not. Good luck!


sahmof3 - July 8

My babies were 9lbs. 5 oz., 8 lbs. 3 oz. and finally 10 lbs. 6 oz. 22 3/4" in that order!!! But, they were all c-section. In fact, the only labor I had was a 24 hour with baby #1, and after that they found a cervical defect that wouldn't allow me to dilate, so the rest were scheduled cesarean- hallelujah!! A big hats off to all you v____al deliveries of monster-size babies!! Anyway, olhdw101, it's up to you.The doctor feeling around and even u/s can be off by +/ - 2 lbs. I'm not sure what your preference is, but you can tell your doctor you'd at least like to attempt it, without automatically being scheduled, if that's your wish.



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