How Big Is Your Baby

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wenling - March 8

On my last check(28wks) i had an u/s and doc estimated my baby to be ard 1.5kg that's at 3Ib 3. I would love to know abt your babes too. :)


Billie - March 8

I had an u/s last week (27 weeks) and he was a little over 2 lbs. By now I'm hopeing that he has gained a little more weight eventhough the doc said that he was average weight.


Toya - March 8

I have no clue how much my baby weighs and the drs won't be doing any ultrasound. I'm 31 weeks so I'm guessing 3.5 lbs.


wenling - March 9

I have a cervix that's threathening to efface and dilate early that's why i get the u/s to check on my cervix and baby. my next check is friday (31wks). I hope my little precios hve gained more by this time so in case i do go into premature labour, he will be slightly better off.. Wish me luck!!


Amanda N - March 9

At 25 weeks my baby weighed approx 1lb 13oz. I am now 32.5 weeks so she is hopefully much bigger.


Ashley - March 9

I'm 36 weeks and dr estimated 5.5 to 6 lbs.


Cheryl - March 10

My third child: at 32 weeks she was 7 lbs. 3 oz. We are delivering via cesarean as she is estimated over 10 lbs. at 36 weeks on her way to an estimated 14 if we go to term!!!!


wenling - March 10

:( my baby not weighing too much... Now i am 31wks, and he's still a mere 4lbs


wenling - March 10

my next visit - 2 weeks from now. sigh. have to try to eat more... Oh ya, I am starting to get nauseaus again... I can't stop throwing up in my 1st trimester. was well during my 2nd and now, it's starting up again... from 28 wks til now (31wks) I haven't gained ANY weight... help... To cheryl: I'm so envious of you!! What have you been eating?? please share:)


linda - March 22

I need to gain more weight also and have been eating like a cow, have no idea where the calories are going since the doc. told me baby is the 32nd percentile( low average weight) Help, I need to beef up my baby!


joel - March 23

38 weeks and currently weighing in at 9lb 3oz. terrified at what the end will be.


bx - March 31

ebacuse my belly was measuring small, they sent me to ultrasound to see if baby is growing ok.It came out that my baby was a bit small (in the 15%th percentile)2 kgs and 200 grs (4 pound 14 oz?)From 35th to 36th week i didnt gain any weight. Now i am 37 weeks, as i gained 2 more pounds and my belly measures bigger they didn`t schedule another appt , otherwise they were going to.


bx - March 31

sorry it wasnt clear at my above posting what week my baby was 2.2 kgs. it was at 35th week.


Alyssa - April 1

My first baby was born at 34 weeks and she weighed 4pounds 9 ounces. This baby, being at 38 1/2 weeks is estimated 8 pounds... I was like... no, I only have small babies!


Melissa - April 6

I have been having a scan every two weeks because I have a large baby on board. At my last scan I was 3.558kg an only 33.5 weeks. My doc has booked me in for a c section at 38 weeks.The baby will be huge.


toni - April 6

i went yesterday and i'm at 36 weeks and 4 days and he is 6 lbs 13 oz


trace - April 6

At my 38 week appointment last Friday, I was told my babv is about nine pounds. My son was ten at term, so no surprise here.



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