How Big Is Your Baby

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trace - April 6

At my 38 week appointment last Friday, I was told my babv is about nine pounds. My son was ten at term, so no surprise here.


Jenn... - April 7

At my 32 week ultrasound, my baby was estimated 4lbs2oz. I was told at 32 weeks 4lbs is average.


Michaela - April 7

At 26 weeks the doctor estimated my baby to be around 2 lbs and 1 ozs.!102 days to go!


b - April 7

My SIL's dr. estimated her baby to be around 10 pounds at 38 weeks and they scheduled her a c-section as it was her first baby and they were afraid she wouldn't be able to deliver v____ally. She was SURE she was going to have a 10 lb baby, and didn't listen to any of us when we told her those estimates can be off by up to 2 lbs either way, and sure enough he was born at a healthy 8 lbs 11 oz, and was only 8 lbs 4 oz by the time he left the hospital 3 days later.


wenling - April 11

I just had another u/s now i am at 35wks and baby is 5lb 15oz(2.7kg). my next visit to doctor is in a week's time. Thankfully doctor says my baby is normal asian size... :) normal's good. but I have another problem.. there appears to be holes and white spots on my placenta. what does it mean?? someone please help!!


Barbara - May 31

I had an ultrasound today,I am 38 weeks and he weighs 6lbs. 1oz,I'm a little nervous that he is too small. The Dr. said he is very healthy though. Anyone else measuring the same way?


nini - May 31

at my 29th ultrasound they said baby was 2lbs 13 oz


Jennifer - June 1

At 30 weeks my baby was 3lbs 15oz.


anne - June 2

i am 31 1/2 weeks pregnant and my baby is only 3 lbs


Saydie - June 3

At 25 weeks my baby weighed almost 2 lbs. That means she could be up to 9 lbs, i hope not, that is scary.


nicole - June 3

39 weeks and hes at 8lb11


Lori - June 7

on my last checkup last weighed 9 lbs 4 oz at 38's going to be a big one this time...


nelly - June 7

at my 30 week u/s my baby weighed 3.3lbs and im 33 weeks now. due july 25


cari - June 8

34 weeks almost and the baby is 6 lbs, big baby on his way here!


Krystal - June 14

my last u/s was may 26 and she was about 1 lb and I am 26 weeks so far


lidia - June 15

on my last visit my baby was 5 pounds and i was 33 weeks



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