How Can Dr Tell If Your Baby Is Not Turned

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Faye84 - March 9

So i hear alot of woman say that their baby isnt in the head down position yet. How in the world can you tell? i mean once your close to your due date can you feel the babies head? How do the Drs. check?


MichelleB - March 9

They tell by feeling your stomache, my doctor pushed on stomach, as if wrapping her hands around the neckand said, yup, headdown! I cannot tell by feeling my stomach, but I can tell my where I feel the hiccups, hicks etc


kerryv - March 9

your doctor will be able to tell, they do this all day long, every day. then once you get to about 37 weeks and they start doing internals, they will be able to feel the head and know if he is engaged or not in the birth ca___l,etc.


SaraH - March 9

As the others said they can tell by feeling your stomach. You can probably also tell (depending on how far along you are but by the end you'll probably be able to) by just paying attention to the baby and where you feel movement. Mine little one always has it's b___t on the left side, and as it's gotten bigger you can actually see it when I'm lying down or when I have a contraction (BH's) as just this round lump on the side. I can also feel the back down the left side as being hard and long. I'm always getting kicked higher up on the right side to (which makes sense w/ where I feel the b___t and back), so things like that are also signs that the baby is head down.


Faye84 - March 9

well obviously i know they know what they are doing i was just curious as to how they can tell. Thanks for the help!


Faye84 - March 9

Oh okay I see sarah, thanks! thats funny your little one is on the left and mine is always on the right.. i know what you mean about the bump.. it looks so funny. I just didnt know that as the baby gets bigger if you can actually feel the head. (my first pregnancy)


Cevvin - March 9

my dd has her b___t under my right ribs. Doc says her head is engaged and she is really low, but her b___t is still so high, i think she might be a long baby.



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