How Can You Tell How Baby Is Sitting Headup Or Down

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crystal74 - January 21

35 weeks, i cannot tell. but i do feel a big round lump in my right rib cage and one in my left side. does this mean he is sideways? cuz that's what it feels like. it's very uncomfortable and very hard to move anymore. when i change positions in my sleep, it hurts a little. i've been told that i can carefully move his little butt but i do not know what bump is his butt or his head, so i don't want to move him the wrong way. IS THIS NORMAL FOR BABY???? and does this mean C-section if he does not get head down????please help


juju - January 21

it just might be how he lays our little guy had his feet spread out and his head is down so who knows bring it up to ur Dr,


trish2041 - January 21

i am 37 weeks and my baby is breech. im sure she is still breech because of the big hard bump i have up close to my ribs. all i can tell you is that if indeed your baby is breech you will most likely have a c-section. mine is scheduled for week 39 thats in 2 weeks. ask for a ultrasound thats the best way they can tell how baby is laying.


Evansmomma - January 22

I'm 35 weeks and just had an ultrasound. My baby is breech. One of the ways I kinda figured it out on my own is because the majority of the quick sudden movements I feel is in my lower abdomen and because I have severe pelvic and v____al pressure. The doc said the reason for that is because he is stepping on my cervix. My doc told me if he doesn't change position on his own by my next appt then he will schedule me for a c section and if he does change postion then he wants to hurry up and induce me so he doesn't have a chance to turn again. Some doctors will deliver a breech baby but most consider it safer to schedule a c section.


Gavinsmom - January 22

My little guy is breech, too! I feel all the kicks in my cervix. He will also hit my sciatic with kicks. His head is a big lump up by my right ribs and his shoulder is actually lodged under my ribs. So, I have a c-section this Thursday. Good luck!


DB - January 22

Crystal, I also have a big hard bump under my ribcage, but my baby is head down. I really thought she was breech, but everytime I go to the doctor they both feel her head down low, so I'm guessing this is her little b___t under my ribs. I'm due in 6 days so I'm sure she hasn't turned, but your doctor should be able to tell which way your baby is presenting. Good Luck!!


redhead125 - January 22

Your doctor will be able to tell you for sure. I have been having the same fears. I read today that 97% of babies are head down by 38-39 weeks, so you still have time (I found this rea__suring because I really don't want a c-section either).


crystal74 - January 22

well i see my dr. on the 1st. and i will ask her. actually she is a midwife or nurse, so everytime i have a concern she doesn't really have any advice. she told me that they won't do anymore ultrasounds unless there is a medical concern. i will bring it up to her anyway. cuz i really feel that he is sideways.


zach - January 22

I've been told that if your baby is breech, shine a flastlight up your bottom end (sorry if you think it's gross) as the baby reaches for the light. My friends baby was also breech and he ended up turning back around and she gave birth naturally


jodylb0221 - January 22

my baby is in position and he has been for quite some time, since 30 weeks. i asked my doc how she can tell and she said that you can feel his head bobbing back and forth by the pubic bone. i also feel pain under my left rib and a big bump i think it is his bum though.


DDT - January 22

My baby had also been head down for a while (Im 36wks now). My doc told me a way to distinguish between head and b___t is when you push down the head will feel harder and not have as much "give" as the b___t will. The sharp pains in your cervix may not always indicate a foot because a head can cause the same pressure and discomfort.



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