How Can You Tell If Baby Is Head Down

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Leahp - August 24

Hey ladies, I was wondering if there's a trick to seeing if the head is down or not. She's been head down since week 30 and I'm no 36 but I'm so afraid she's going to change, but I get good kicks by my ribs and constantly feel a huge lump float under my ribs is that her bum or head??


miranda - August 24

It's her bottom. I feel the same thing and am 36 1/2 weeks. My baby was breech at 31 and I remember I could feel it when I bent over even slightly - a hard round little head. I've been obsessed with it since the baby turned between 31-32, afraid he/she would turn back, but it is unlikely that they will this late. You would know at 36 weeks if there was a head up there if I felt so uncomfortable with it there at 31 weeks, I would think. For me, the hard lump under my ribs is mostly just right when I get up in the morning, is that how it is for you? I think that is just because they migrate up a little bit while we are laying down.


Leahp - August 25

Hey Miranda, I'm 36 1/2 weeks as well, but I have to say sometimes when she does migrate up further it's pretty hard to bend over, I'm pretty sure it's her bum since I always get kicked. But I went to the doc yesterday and didn't even get to see him and I had to see someone else and she said that "she thinks so" when I asked about the head, not a goog enough answer for me! Also, I haven't dialated at all, I'm getting worried or is it too early!


b20 - August 25

I used to have to the fear that my baby might migrate at night while i'm sleep, coz he is already head down since 27 week..He does moves from side to side but doesn't migrate and to confirm i asked my doc last appointment and she told me that baby's don't migrate after they had settled to one position coz it will be too difficult for them to do that this late..i'm sure ur baby is head down now coz he/she surely feels more comfortable in that position, but still the best way to be sure is i think if u feel his/her legs in ur ribs when he/she kicks..i can see my baby's legs completely when he streches i can even feel like i can catch thos tiny heels..


miranda - August 25

Leahp, I went today and saw my dr. She was able to feel the head when she checked me, so when you see your dr next week you should ask if they can feel the head. But I have that hard feeling up in the top of my uterus on and off through the day, don't worry too much. I answered your dilitation question in your other post, but I will say again that I am only 1 cm and 50%. It's still early, and some don't dilate at all before labor.


miranda - August 25

b20, That's interesting. I thought that was why I felt it mostly after I'd been laying down. Another thing it could be is braxton hicks, or just our little ones stretching out a bit. Who knows? : )


aishah - August 26

The tech for my sonagram could barely see the head with the scan because baby was down so low and when i was checked dr said baby was very very low. i feel like im wearing jeans that r too t_te for me all the time..thats how it feels for me


Silvie - August 26

Hi guys, it is very simple how to figure out, all you need is a stethoscope. yesterday I felt a hard bump around my belly and I got worried baby turned from head down position to breech. So I laid down and first tried to feel baby with my hands...didnt help too much though,I could locate where the spine(right side) and hands and feet (left side)are,but couldnt recognize if head is up or down. So I took my stethoscope,and located babys heartbeat low below my belly it is clear babies head is down.



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