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lisarenee - March 5

Hello all, I am visiting from the first trimester room. I am 6 weeks 4 days and I wonder how you told your boss and co-workers you were preggo. How long did you wait? Are you going back to work?


aaaaaaaaaa - March 5

I just told my 2 bosses that I needed to talk to both of them, sat them down and said straight out "I'm pregnant". They were both actually relieved because they thought I was going to say that I was quitting. I told them I'd need time off and I wouldnt be able to be in the office full time after the baby but I wanted to work something out. Since they were pretty shocked (first pregnancy in the history of the company), they said they wanted some time to figure things out. We re-addressed it a few weeks later and agreed that I'd work half the week in office and half the week out of the office and they were super cool about it. I didnt really tell many of my co-workers, except the 2 people I share an office with, and that was just because I came back from the first convo with my bosses with a huge smile on my face so they asked what was up. I was SUPER stressed about it, but it turned out way better than I ever thought it would - they were super cool about it. Good luck!


lisarenee - March 5

Thank you aaaaaa. I work in a high school and it didn't quit work out to have the baby during the summer months off, it will be early November. I do not think I want to go back to work, but have not decided for sure. I know it is the right thing to do, stay home and raise the baby myself, I just wonder how many women wish they would have gone back to work after being home the the baby ALL day every day :)


Kristin11 - March 5

I waited till i was 12 weeks then told my boss first then my co-workers. I am going back to work after 8 weeks. I went back to work after 8 weeks with my daughter too.


mary b - March 6

I asked to meet w/ my boss in private and told him i was pregnant...but be sure not to tell any co-workers until he/she knows about fact, i didn't tell any co-workers really. After i told my boss, i just let everyone else find out through him. I waited until i was in my second trimester to tell them...I suggest that you don't discuss plans of the future with them until after the baby have the legal right not to have to discuss that now...i knew from the beginning that i was not going back to work for now but they believe i'm coming back...i would just keep your plans for the future to yourself, (don't tell any co-workers cause you can't trust them most of the time) People would ask me if i was coming back and i would always say want to be sure you get full benefits from your company and you don't want it scewed...


Gretta - March 6

I waited until 12 weeks to tell them also. It was a hard decision to make but I decided to take a year or two off work. I told them that decision around 25 weeks and did it as a professional courtesy because I was firm on my decision. They were very supportive. It ended up working out too because I ended up going on bed rest a couple weeks later and just resigned. My firm was small and didn't have a set maternity policy so everything would have been unpaid leave.


Carly67 - March 7

My boss found out very early in a very wierd way. Well this is my fourth so I started showing literally when I found out. Well when I was a little over 5 weeks the exterminator showed up and was going to spray the building outside for bees. Well I went out there and asked him what he was there for and he told me and I told the exterminator not to do anything because I was pregnant and had to leave. So I had to tell my boss right then and there that I was pregnant and had to go home because I could not be around that. Not the way I wanted to tell him but it worked and now I am almost 36 weeks and stilll working here so I guess it was meant to be the way.


ophelia73 - March 7

I waited until almost the second trimester after we had our first u/s and saw the heartbeat. I told my boss, and also told him that I did not want to return full time afterwards. Since we get full benefits if we work at least 20 hours per week, I should be OK after my 12 week leave. I also recommend not telling any coworkers until you've told your boss. It would probably hurt you if he/she found out through the grapevine. It ruins your credibility.


aliciavr6 - March 7

My big mouth mom told someone who told someone who told someone who told my BOSS that I was pregnant... at only 5 weeks. I was so mad.



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